Ask Dr. Baer: If You Weren’t a Dentist, What Would You Be?

January 14, 2014 Tagged: , |

Ask Dr. Baer

Aurora, CO dentist Dr. Baer loves keeping his patients’ teeth healthy and sparkling! He enjoys improving the quality of our patients lives, and creating a positive dental experience for everyone who visits our office. But we thought we’d ask him what profession he would pursue if it wasn’t for dentistry. Here’s what Dr. Baer said:

A Professional Chef

If I had to pick my ideal job, other than being a dentist, then I would want to be a professional chef. I have always loved to cook and enjoy creating different things with new and exciting ingredients. Everyone has to eat, and when you create a great dish you can make people SMILE! Cooking is also a great activity to share with friends and family.

Today, we would also like to ask you, our wonderful patients: Is there a profession or a job you’ve always wanted? Which job would you like to experience, if only for a day? Feel free to share your responses here, on our Facebook page or at your next appointment. Have a great day!