Dr. Baer Gets Published in ‘Inside Dentistry’

February 21, 2014 Tagged: , |


An Article about Elastomeric Impression Materials

Dr. Baer is proud to announce that an article he wrote was published in the June issue of Inside Dentistry. The article, “Identium® Vinylsiloxanether®,” presents Dr. Baer’s research about obtaining a high-quality impression using a new elastomeric material. Inside Dentistry is one of the leading and most trusted publications in general and restorative dentistry. It is an honor for Dr. Baer’s case to be featured in this leading publication!

If you’ve got an appointment scheduled with Dr. Baer soon, he encourages you to ask him about his article in Inside Dentistry. Continuing education is an important part of Dr. Baer’s work as a dentist, and he’s always excited to share his passion for dentistry with our patients.