5 Reasons to Visit Baer Dental

March 14, 2014 Tagged: , |

Dental Care 101

Reasons to Visit the Dentist

Routine trips to the dentist can help you avoid costly dental treatment. Neglecting your oral health is often easy to do because things like gum disease and small cavities are often painless. We recognize that summer is a time of travel for families and many people would like to be out on vacation or enjoying the sunny Colorado weather…we would too!

Our top 5 reasons to schedule an appointment this summer are:

5. Routine dental treatment helps prevent more costly treatment in the future
4. Come in and get your teeth whitened with one of our summer teeth whitening specials
3. That toothache just shouldn’t wait!
2. Your teeth are sensitive to cold and you cannot eat ice cream or drink iced tea (or a cold adult beverage!)
1. You just want to keep the fuzz off your teeth! 🙂