The Cost of Teeth Whitening in Aurora

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Teeth Whitening is one of the most popular procedures performed by a cosmetic dentist. The cost of this procedure will vary depending on various factors such as the overall condition of teeth, the type of technique adopted for teeth whitening, and whether the procedure is performed as an in-office or at-home procedure.

Dr. Chris Baer is an experienced cosmetic dentist providing teeth whitening and other dental treatments to patients in Aurora, Parker, Centennial, Denver, Elizabeth and Franktown, CO. During the initial consultation, he will discuss the cost aspects with the patient to help them make an informed decision.

Whitening Treatment Options

Teeth whitening can be performed using over the counter dental bleaching products, which is a very low cost way to receive this treatment. However, over the counter treatments may not be very effective because the concentration of the bleaching gel or solution used is very weak. Secondly, standardized mouth trays are provided in this option, which are cheaper but they cannot be as effective as the custom trays created by a dentist to fit the patient’s teeth perfectly.

At-home or in-office teeth whitening procedures are performed under the supervision of a dentist. Therefore, the cost will be relatively higher because the dentist’s fee and other costs may be involved. However, it is possible to achieve very effective outcomes with these procedures because the dentist will make use of higher concentrations of the peroxide solution to achieve desired results. In case of an in-office treatment, the dentist may also make use of an intense light device to produce longer lasting and more effective results.

Cost Comparison with Other Treatments

Some people may like to explore other treatment options such as dental veneers to improve the appearance and shade of teeth. It is important to determine a personal budget in advance, and then choose the appropriate treatment. Dental veneers can be fairly expensive, but longer lasting solution. However, the entire cost has to be borne by the patient because such cosmetic procedures may not be covered by dental insurance.

Many patients with a milder condition of the teeth may opt for teeth whitening, which is a much more affordable solution compared to veneers or crowns. Teeth whitening treatment can be repeated every year under the guidance of the cosmetic dentist to prolong its benefits. Dr. Baer will discuss the pros and cons of all treatment options in teeth whitening with his patients in Aurora, Parker, Centennial, Denver, Elizabeth, and Franktown, CO.

Average Price

The cost for over the counter products in teeth whitening can vary widely from $10 to $100. If the patient decides to obtain a customized teeth whitening kit from the dentist for at-home treatment, the cost may range from $300 to $500 in most cases. However, if the teeth require more intensive treatment, the patient may have to receive in-office teeth whitening.

The cost of this procedure will vary according to the number of treatment sessions needed. A variety of treatment approaches and technologies may be used in teeth whitening, and the cost will vary in each case. On average, the cost may range from $500 to $1,500 for in-office teeth whitening.

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