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Replace Missing Teeth With All on Four Dental Implants

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All on Four in Aurora, CO

How This New Technique Can Give You Your Smile Confidence Back

If you are a patient that is looking for a total reconstructive solution for your smile, perhaps the All On Four technique is the right option for you. This is a solution for patients to receive a full fixed (permanent) dental appliance that can be anchored to dental implants. Many patients have been told they cannot have a dental implant procedure done because they do not have enough strength in their jawbone to withstand the pressure of one. The great thing about All On Four is it utilizes multiple implants that are anchored in strategic locations to support the dental appliance and it allows many patients the opportunity to have the All On Four technique performed.

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What is All on Four Technique?

Patients who have had traditional dentures for years are exceptional candidates for this procedure as it can give them a more permanent solution to dentures. This technique focuses on the strength and density of the frontal part of the top and below jaws that remains. The dental implants are typically inserted at an angle to avoid essential sinus cavities on the top arch and the nerve canal on the low one.

A dental implant is a titanium post that is drilled into the patient’s jawbone directly to mimic the strength and functionality of a tooth root. This titanium post will fuse together with the patient’s jawbone to create the perfect foundation for a dental crown, bridge, or dentures to be added on top.

If a patient has been told that they will need bone grafting to receive the dental implant procedure, this technique can potentially eliminate or minimize that need. It removes the need for painful healing times and prolonged discomfort. Today, this procedure can allow for patients to have the permanent (full) bridges added on the same day of the dental implant insertion

Benefits of All on Four

Many patients have turned away from any implant procedures as they can be extremely costly. Traditional implant procedures are extremely costly as they require multiple visits to the dentist for the insertion, healing time, and the final restoration insertion. This technique removes the need for many dental visits as the whole procedure is typically done in just one appointment. It is a great option for the adults who already wear dentures but are tired of the maintenance needed to take care of them. Plus, who wants the embarrassment of removing teeth nightly and sticking them in a cleaning liquid overnight?

The end result of this technique is truly astonishing. The patient who decides to opt for this procedure will receive a solid base attached to the arches of their mouth, without the need for removal! This procedure will bond the dentures to your mouth permanently to give the illusion of naturally perfect

In the past, if a patient wanted to undergo a full procedure like this, nearly 6-10 dental implants were needed in order to provide the right foundation and strength to hold the denture. In today’s dental advancements, dentists have found that placing dental implants at an angle gives them an enormous amount of strength as opposed to placing them vertically. This allows the dental professionals to place fewer implants for this restorative procedure. Dentists only need to place as little as 6 or sometimes just 4 implants as a foundation for the dentures to be placed on! This is a huge advancement in modern dental technology as it can allow patients to have this procedure done in just one sitting.

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Additional Benefits of All On Four

  1. Immediate results
  2. An affordable solution in comparison to other implant procedures
  3. An attractive new way to have non-removable dentures/bridges
  4. Aids in strengthening overall jawbone
  5. The procedure is done in just one appointment
  6. Removes the need for bone grafting
  7. Less dental implants used than traditional permanent full denture placements
  8. Allows for easy maintenance (without the need for removal)
  9. Ability to eat all foods without worry the teeth will fall out
  10. Brings a youthful presence because of bone level stabilization

Who is a Good Candidate For This Procedure?

If you are a patient who suffers from 6 or more missing teeth, and the rest may be chipped, broken, cracked, decayed, or damaged than perhaps this is a good option for you. If you have terminal
periodontal gum disease that is in an extremely poor state, this will allow your new restorative teeth to sit on an acrylic base that mimics the look of natural, healthy gums. If you are looking to simply fully restore the full look and function of your teeth and gums, this is a perfect option for you.

This procedure is not recommended for patients who simply need one tooth replaced or a few dental crowns put in, in order to revamp the smile. This is strictly for those who have severe dental issues that will benefit from the procedure to have a new smile in just one sitting.

How Is This Performed?

The procedure is first prepped with the dentist extracting all damaged teeth. If the All On Four technique is being performed on the bottom arch only, all teeth must be removed in order for the permanent dentures to be set it. The same treatment must occur if the technique will be performed on the upper arch. The dental implants will be added next, using the traditional dental implant procedure. The implants will be inserted at an angle to make use of their full strength potential. The permanent dentures will be added and attached to the dental implants shortly after. The healing time may take a few months as the surgery is not small. However, the full reconstruction of your smile can all be done in one appointment!

Patients who had dentures in the past are happy with this procedure as it is fairly quick and makes everyday tasks easier and less embarrassing. Now a patient can talk and chew without feeling as though their dentures may slide off at any moment. It is a great way to restore confidence in your smile with the All on Four technique procedure!

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