How Much Do All on Four Dental Implants Cost?

Do you desire a total mouth reconstruction, without the traditional dentures, you may have already looked into the All on Four dental implant procedure. This treatment option is quickly gaining its popularity among dental cosmetic offices across the nation as it can revamp a smile aesthetically and provide functionality all at once.

Many patients are shying away from total mouth reconstruction (which can include over ten dental implants) to fully reconstruct a smile that’s missing the majority of its teeth. The All on Four dental implant procedure only uses a total of 4 dental implants that are inserted into the patient’s mouth at an angle. The reason these implants are inserted at an angle is simply to allow the implant to take on more space in the jawbone without compromising on strength and functionality.

If you’ve already done your research on this tremendous procedure, you may already be convinced of its quality! However, the question of how much does All on Four dental implants cost may be lingering in your mind. A treatment option as great as this does have a higher price tag than some other tooth restoration procedures. You have to ask yourself- how much would you pay to have the confidence to smile and eat your food comfortably?

Typical Costs

The cost of your individual All on Four dental implant procedure is tailored to your situation. On average, this procedure can cost a patient anywhere from 20K-30K depending on a number of factors involved. Many patients go through this procedure and visit two dental professionals from start to finish, this may be because a tooth may need to be extracted, bone removal, bone grafting, and much more. The location of each dentist also plays a roll in the overall cost for the patient. However, the greatest difference for this procedure is what material is used for the All on Four dental implants.

All on Four dental implants can be made from an acrylic material or porcelain. Acrylic is a much less durable material and is less popular among many tooth restorations, however, it is the cheaper option between the two. The acrylic restoration may cost a patient $20K-$25K depending on the previously mentioned variables.

Porcelain is the recommended material across the board. Porcelain is a wildly popular material that is used in the dental cosmetic industry. This material is the only material that can mimic the look and feel of a natural tooth. Once it’s polished, it can also mimic the reflection that a natural tooth has. Although this material is the much more expensive option, it is 3x more durable and can last the patient nearly 20 years without needing replacements. This material can cost a patient $25-$30K depending on the previously mentioned variables.

If you are unsure of which material to opt for, your dental professional can go through the options thoroughly for you and determine which will be best for your situation. If you are worried about payments, most dental offices will work with their patients to ensure the payback plans are comfortable for all parties involved. Although the All on Four dental implant procedure can cost a patient a lot of money, the investment made into your smile will surely last a lifetime.

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