What are All on Four Dental Implants?

There is a new and revolutionary tooth restoration procedure that is sweeping the dental cosmetic nation. In the past, adults who were missing all of their teeth on the top or bottom arches of their teeth were given little options to replace them. The main treatments that these adults were opting for were traditional dentures. If a patient wanted a stronger and more functioning restoration procedure, a full-mouth reconstruction would be in order. This treatment would make use of 12-14 dental implants in order to achieve this strength!

Today, the All on Four dental implant procedure is a new and improved way for restoring smiles with the aesthetics and functionality of natural teeth. A dental implant procedure is extremely common and is the number one recommended tooth replacement treatment. For this procedure, the dentist will screw in a titanium post into the patient’s jaw bone (where the missing tooth lies). From here, once the post has fused together with the jaw bone, the dentist will attach an abutment that will act as the foundation in which the dental restoration will sit on. When a proper healing time has passed, the dentist will attach each a dental crown, dental bridge or even dentures to the implant. This is the only permanent tooth replacement procedure on the market.

How Can the Whole Arch be Covered with 4 Implants?

Traditionally, a dental implant is meant to hold the weight of just one dental restoration. All on Four dental implants allows the patients to have a fully restored top or bottom arch using only four implants.

This treatment has been adjusted to allow the implants to withstand more pressure by inserting the implants on an angle as opposed to the standard vertical direction. Then, the restorations are cemented onto the dental implants to provide the patient a fully restored smile that looks natural aesthetically and functions naturally as well.

How Long Does All on Four Procedure Take?

Unlike a traditional dental implant procedure, which may need months of healing time for the implant to fuse with the jawbone before the dental restoration is added, this procedure can be done in one day for the right patient! This treatment option is typically only recommended for patients who are already wearing dentures as most (if not all) natural teeth have already fallen out. This allows the dental professional to jump right into the implant procedure without needing to extract any teeth. A consultation should occur prior to the procedure to ensure all ideas are discussed on how the dental restorations should look.
If you are unsure if All on Four dental implants are a good treatment option for your individual situation, talk to your dental professional about your options and discuss a treatment plan. The goal of your dentist is to ensure the overall health of your mouth; this option can restore the aesthetics of your smile along with providing the function you crave. The best part? Your jawbone won’t deteriorate because the implants fuse with the bone to strengthen it all together.

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