Dental Bonding: The Procedure

May 2, 2015 |

Dental Treatments

Dental bonding is a procedure done by cosmetic dentists to repair cracked or broken teeth, and serves as a great alternative to veneers or crowns. If you are looking to improve your smile and regain your lost confidence, you could get in touch with dentist Dr Chris Baer. For those living in and around Aurora, Parker, Centennial, Denver, Elizabeth and Franktown, CO, there can’t be a better option than cosmetic dentist Chris Baer’s facility for their needs.

Bonding involves the use of a resin, which corrects the shape and color of your tooth. Your cosmetic dentist will assure you that it is a painless, easy procedure that produces the best results in a single visit. Veneers are lab-manufactured and necessitate the removal of some extra dental structure. Your dentist would need to remove some amount of enamel, so as to make space for the placement of the veneer. Your cosmetic dentist will then take an impression of your tooth and the area, so that the veneer is shaped to suit your smile. The process of veneer application is more expensive than dental bonding. However, it is said to last longer and its application requires at least two visits to the dentist. Dental bonding takes up to 45 minutes at the most for each tooth.

How Dental Bonding works at Baer Dental

When you visit Dr. Baer’s offices in Aurora, CO, his staff will discuss with you all the options available and the expenses involved for the same. Once you zero in on dental bonding in consultation with your doctor, an appointment will bescheduled for the procedure. The first step is choosing a resin that complements the color of your tooth. Then your cosmetic dentist will make the tooth surface rough, so that the resin adheres itself well. Typically, for most patients, anaesthesia is not required for this procedure because there is no pain involved. Once the resin is applied, a laser or UV light is used to make it hard. Eventually, the resin is polished and is made to complement the dental tissue.

The Cost of Bonding, and Your Oral Hygiene

The cost of dental bonding could be anywhere between $400 and $600 for every tooth. You would need to check with your cosmetic dentist if the procedure is covered under insurance. Also, you would need to ask your dentist about oral hygiene steps that should be followed to make the bonding to last longer. Keep the following steps in mind after your dental bonding is completed:

  • Avoid caffeinated drinks, tea or wine to ensure the bonding doesn’t get corroded.
  • The best time to quit smoking is when you have had corrective treatment for your teeth, so do it now! Smoking could cause staining of your teeth and the impact of bonding is quickly lost.
  • Don’t bite into hard objects or chew nails because the bonding could chip off.

Choose the right doctor who has enough experience in the field of cosmetic dentistry and has all the appropriate certifications and credentials. It is best that you schedule a visit to the dentist’s office to see for yourself the facilities available. Schedule an appointment only after you are convinced about both the procedure and the cosmetic dentist in question.