Dental Implants Have Many Benefits!

For individuals looking for a permanent tooth replacement, dental implants are one of the most successful procedures in providing a long-term solution. Highly recommended by dental professionals, this once expensive procedure is becoming more affordable as the popularity of this treatment increases.

If you’ve ever wondered what benefits dental implants have over subsequent restoration procedures, the answer is, plenty!

Dental implants provide

Natural Looking Teeth
Dental implants are realistic in appearance and feel. Patients with implants often find it hard to distinguish between original teeth and the replacements! With personal design options such as choosing the size, shape, and color of your crown, you can be sure your implant will blend perfectly into your new smile.

High Functionality
Instead of sitting on top of existing teeth, implants grow into your jaw bone for a permanent placement. Capped with a durable porcelain crown, this restoration option brings back the full functionality of your teeth, without the hassle of diet restrictions that bridges and dentures can require.

Preserving Existing Teeth
With some repair procedures, it can be necessary to extract or drill on perfectly healthy teeth to secure the replacements. With implants, healthy surrounding teeth remain untouched. The only affected area in your mouth is the space where your dental implant is placed.

Bite Protection
If a patient is missing a tooth, biting habits can change to accommodate for the open space. Change in biting practices can result in worn or uneven teeth. By placing an implant, your bite will resume as usual and protect the remainder of your natural teeth.

Less Restrictive Diet
Dentures, in particular, require a complete change in chewing habit, as well potential diet restrictions for food that could damage the denture. Bridges can also be restrictive, as  support of the procedure relies on the strength of the ground down teeth holding it in place. Dental implants do not have diet restrictions like traditional treatments. Because they look and function like natural teeth, patients will only have to watch out for the typical foods known for causing chips and cavities in real teeth!

Permanent Solution
Temporary solutions for tooth restorations can be troublesome when continually undergoing dental treatment for adjustments and repairs. Dental implants are designed to be permanent, using durable materials such as titanium and porcelain. Once the implant has integrated into the jawbone, the strength of the procedure is comparable to the natural root of a tooth!

Budget Friendly
When dental implants hit the market as early as the 1950’s, the procedure was very expensive, causing most patients to opt for traditional replacement options or to forgo treatment altogether. Now, as implants have grown in popularity and with several advancements in technology, placing a dental implant is more affordable in the long run. Without including insurance benefits, dental implants can range $4000-$6000. But the cost of replacing temporary appliances typically well exceed this amount as you continue to attend appointments for repairs and replacements.

It’s clear that dental implants can be a superior choice when it comes to choosing a restorative tooth option. For more benefits and patient reviews, call your dentist to discuss the process at your next appointment!

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