Dr. Baer is creating a Cavity-Free Zone in Aurora.

November 16, 2014 |


Dr. Christopher Baer of Baer Dental Designs in Aurora, CO leads his community to a healthier future. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), dental caries (cavities) is an epidemic in the United States; and although it is largely preventable, it remains the most common chronic disease of children aged 5 to 17 years — 4 times more common than asthma. Dr. Baer decided it was time to offer his patients something different. Instead of offering the tired ‘brush and floss’ advice, his patients can look forward to a program built on a new model of health; the Caries Free Zone.

“It is time for something new” says Dr. Baer. “We have been telling the same story of cavities for years, and it is obviously not working. Here at Baer Dental Designs, we have decided to elevate the conversation with our patients. Patients are smart and there is no reason to oversimplify this complex biofilm disease any longer.” With the launching of a Caries Free Zone in office, Dr. Baer wants to not only change the conversation about dental decay, but also change the way they have that conversation with patients. The process includes a comprehensive risk assessment where the patient is a mutual expert during the caries risk conversation. “It is not always diet or hygiene related, and we need to start discussing other risk factors like medication, saliva flow, presence of oral appliances, and current bacterial challenge.” When a patient knows how and why they are experiencing decay we can form a true partnership and plan how we are going to reduce their risk” says Holly Nelson, RDH.

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The ultimate goal is to bring each and every patient into a low to moderate risk category and keep them there long term. If we can do that, we can start to create a truly cavity free patient base. All of our patients that follow through with our new program will be initiated into our Caries Free Zone and represent the future of oral health in our practice and community. This disease is absolutely preventable, and it is time for us to take the lead in reframing how we co-manage the treatment and ultimately, prevention of dental caries.

For more information on the CariFree system go to www.carifree.com. To call now and make your appointment with Dr. Baer and his team call (303) 557- 6453 .