Effective Dentistry for Treating Cavities

August 22, 2015 |

Dental Treatments

Innovative Solution for Oral Cavities – Aurora | Parker | Centennial

Dr. Christopher Baer, an experienced cosmetic dentist, provides cutting-edge dental treatments to his patients in Aurora, Parker, Centennial, Denver, Elizabeth, Franktown, CO, and surrounding communities. He now offers a new treatment modality that can help remove harmful, cavity-causing bacteria from the mouth and promote oral health.

Dr. Baer believes that one of the key roles that a dentist must perform is to educate patients about dental health and debunk the myths that abound regarding cavities. Misconceptions and misinformation regarding the causes of cavities result in widespread occurrence of cavities and poor prevention. Tooth decay is one of the leading health concerns across the world today.

Caries Risk Assessment Program

Dr. Baer is the dentist of choice for many patients in and around Aurora, Parker, Centennial, Denver, Elizabeth, and Franktown, CO. One of the reasons is that recognizes the need to educate patients about oral cavities, its adverse impact and how to prevent tooth decay. Unlike the typical guidance of a dentist, which is confined to “regularly brush, floss and eat less sugar,” he ensures that his patients receive more value.

As a leading cosmetic dentist in the area, Dr. Baer has launched a new program at his practice, which is not only aimed at improved treatment, but also improved education to promote prevention of dental diseases. The program called Caries (Cavities) Risk Assessment Program has been developed by CariFree. Studies have demonsrated that CariFree program is able to reduce incidence of dental decay by up to 74 percent. The system is based on CAMBRA, the widely known and accepted model of risk assessment of caries.

Customized Treatment

The dentist will evaluate every individual patient’s risk factors for the dental caries disease under the CariFree system. It will involve information and data on a particular patient’s use of medications, food habits, current bacterial levels, among other factors. A customized treatment plan will be developed based on this evaluation to reduce the risk of cavities effectively.

With the help of CariFree program, Dr. Baer is able to inform his patients about the precise causes of their disease. He can even tell them about the statistical likelihood of developing additional tooth decay over the next 12 months in absence of treatment.

A number of factors may be responsible for dental caries disease. Effective management of the disease requires the cosmetic dentist to identify individual disease indicators and risk factors. This can be achieved by assessing the balance between protective and pathogenic factors. The CariFree system allows a cosmetic dentist to perform a comprehensive assessment and determine why a particular patient is experiencing tooth decay.

Prevention for the Whole Family

Dr. Baer recommends the CariFree treatment system to his patients in Aurora, Parker, Centennial, Denver, Elizabeth, Franktown, CO, and nearby areas, who suffer from dental decay. He emphasizes on the need for effective and comprehensive treatment because it will not only save the patient’s teeth, but also prevent transmission of the harmful bacteria to other members in the patient’s family. Kids, who are particularly vulnerable to tooth decay, can be protected in a better way with this innovative treatment system.