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July 9, 2015 |

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Injury to teeth or gums results in severe nerve damage and intense pain. Dental emergencies come in varying forms and types of painful situations. Innocently triggered by too cold or hot drinks, excessive biting or grinding, or accidental tooth chip or fracture, call for immediate dental care and the attention of a trusted dentist.

Colorado’s renowned cosmetic dentist, Dr. Chris Baer, specializes in emergency dental care for all patients within Aurora, Centennial, Elizabeth and Franktown, Parker, and Denver regions. Here are some conditions that would call for emergency dental treatment.

Tooth injury

Pain from a cracked or chipped tooth is incomparable. Thankfully, tooth injury can be easily remedied by a skilled dentist. Here are some situations that would require immediate care.

Chipped tooth – It depends on how drastic the chip is and the amount of pain being suffered to determine the state of emergency. Chipped teeth are generally smoothened and corrected by cosmetic dentistry. In relation to the size of chip found, your dentist might suggest use of crowns, fillings, or veneers.

Broken tooth – Such a crisis needs immediate attention, cracked or broken teeth should be repaired as soon as possible to avoid increased damage and discomfort. Some cases might even require tooth extraction or root canal to be performed. Cracks formed on the enamel or along the dentin of a tooth can be fixed with a dental cap or crown by a professional cosmetic dentist.

Loss of tooth – Successful reattachment of a tooth rests on keeping the root of the tooth viable until it is reinserted. Keep your tooth in a glass of warm milk or reinsert it back into the hole in your mouth and rush to your dentist. An experienced cosmetic dentist will ask to have a few root canal procedure performed once the reattached tooth has stabilized.

Infections in molars

Third molars or wisdom teeth normally don’t come through evenly. More often than not, half a tooth will surface leaving the other half under a flap of gum. These regions are bacteria hotbeds and waiting gum traps for food particles. This causes inordinate swelling and irritation, which then limits proper function by restricting jaw mobility, and can even cause fever from pain. Visit your dentist to solve the issue by removing excess gum tissue, or have the tooth extracted.


Gum and tooth abscesses are very painful and need professional treatment and care right away. An abscess is a sign on infection either in a tooth or surrounding gum. Dentists usually drain an abscess and clean the area thoroughly. Extremely infected teeth might need root canal treatments in addition to filling the cavity or inserting a crown. In case the abscess formed is large and near the root of the tooth or if the tooth has decayed badly, the dentist will extract the infected tooth.

 For patients who require urgent dental attention, with severe toothache or suffering from a broken tooth, a quick appointment with Dr. Baer will set your smile straight once again. An expert cosmetic dentist, Dr. Baer is constantly delivering happy dental solutions to all his patients in Parker, Denver, Aurora, Centennial, Elizabeth and Franktown, CO.

For more information about the dental procedures and treatments performed by Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Christopher Baer, DMD on patients in Aurora, Centennial, Parker, Franktown, Elizabeth, Denver and surrounding areas in Colorado areas please contact us for an appointment at (303) 557-6453.