Family Dentistry, What is it?

While there are a lot of dentists that advertise themselves as being “family dentists,” upon closer inspection, this isn’t really the case. Instead, they are a dentist that can work on children’s teeth, but aren’t prepared for the variety of services that are required for children’s oral care—especially younger children.

Instead, you will want to find a family dental group that offers everything that your family actually needs—all in one place.

A True Family Dental Group Versus a “Family” Dental Office

The distinction between a family dental group office and someone that advertises themselves as a “family dentist” can be a tricky one. After all, both offices offer dental services for both adults and children.

The main difference between a family dental group and a family dentist, though, is the variety of services that are available.
While a dentist may be able to handle general cleanings and some other services, they aren’t able to specialize in every aspect of your child’s or children’s oral care. Actually, they may not even specialize in pediatric dentistry! Instead, they may simply have it listed as one of the services that they can provide, but may not be excellent at.

A family dental group—on the other hand—has a variety of dentists available. These dentists have their own specialties, including dentists that specialize in pediatric dentistry. This allows you to go to one office for the dental care of your entire family, as opposed to jumping around to different offices for different specialties.

Finding the Right Family Dental Group

Searching for a dental office for your entire family may be a little more difficult than it sounds. Keep in mind that many offices will list themselves online as “family dentist” offices, even if they do not have a specialized pediatric dentist. On the other hand, you may find an office that specializes in pediatrics, but not adult oral care.

Look for a dental group that has a variety of dentists that specialize in different areas of oral care—particularly a group that is able to handle the needs of every member of your family. One of the main areas of criteria that you’ll want to consider, though, is that they have a specialized pediatric dentist.

What to Look for in the Right Family Dental Group

Just because a dental group offers a variety of services for the entire family, doesn’t mean that they are the right dental group for your family and you. Because of this, you’ll want to do a little research into the dental group, and see how other patients feel about them.

You can do this by reading their reviews online, or speaking with your friends that have children about what dental group they go to. From there, you can make an informed decision, and pick the right office for your family’s needs.

Don’t settle for the first “family dentist” that you find listed after a web search. Instead, look for a dental facility that is prepared to handle the needs of your entire family.

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