What Should I Expect to Pay for Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Patients with severe oral issues can benefit from a full mouth reconstruction. This can be significantly more expensive than simply having a tooth removed. The drastic nature of reconstructive oral surgery does not always mean the same thing. Your costs are going to be varied based on several factors, as a full mouth reconstruction is a combination of several dental cosmetic procedures listed below.

The price of the procedure you end up needing can vary considerably. This can sound daunting at first, but having the right dental plan can make the process far less costly. It’s also important to remember that a full mouth reconstruction is tailored to each patient’s needs. Which means, you will likely not have the same cost as all other patients.

What Is Involved?

The cost of your full mouth reconstruction is going to depend on several factors. The scope of work required to restore your smile is going to be the largest one. The condition of your teeth will decide on how many will need removal, how many will need replacement, and how many can be simply left alone. The health of your gums will also be a significant factor to consider as your dentist cannot perform dental work without ensuring your gums are healthy.

One of the most profound levels of your oral health, speaking literally and figuratively, is the condition of your jaw. If your mandible is damaged or in some way malformed, the scope of work for your full mouth restoration will be extensive compared to anything that is confined to your teeth alone.

More Than Just Your Looks

Your smile is about more than just looking good. The condition of your teeth, gums, and jaw determine how well you can speak, how easily and painlessly you can chew food, and even contribute to your overall health. In a healthy mouth, it is easy to remove plaque before it affects your arteries, so it will not provide a contributing factor to heart disease.

It’s also incredibly important to maintain the health of your smile by brushing your teeth twice a day and floss at least once a day. Visiting your dentist every three to six months can prevent a growing list of inflammatory diseases and keep the overall health of your mouth superior.

How About Some Procedural Costs?

Implants consist of two surgeries, which begin with drilling a titanium post into your jawbone where a tooth is missing. After this has healed up months later, your dentist can attach prosthetic teeth to the post. A dental implant procedure typically can cost a patient as much as $4,000 per tooth.

A dental bridge is a false tooth that is suspended between two crowns on natural teeth. The materials vary between plastic, metal, and ceramic. Bridges are good for single, central teeth with healthy teeth on either side of them. Crowns are a ceramic, metal or combination material that is attached to a damaged tooth, and that restores it to a healthy shape while protecting it against being harmed any further. A dental bridge can typically cost around $1,500 per tooth, and a dental crown can average at $1,400 per tooth.

TMJ treatment deals with problems in your jaw joints, where your upper and lower jaws meet. A series of exercises, a mouth guard and even bite therapy can accomplish a great deal. In some circumstances, jaw surgery is necessary. Treatment for TMJ can cost a patient an average of $2,500.

Talk to your dentist about payment plans or dental financing and how your dental insurance may help lower the cost of a few of each of these procedures.

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