Full Mouth Frequently asked Questions

What is A Full Mouth Reconstruction?

If your teeth suffer from a number of issues, you may be in need of a full mouth reconstruction. This can consist of restoring or even entirely rebuilding a large percentage of your mouth, such as your jaw and your teeth. This can even include of rebuilding your mouth’s soft tissues.

The process of full mouth reconstruction usually involves a dentist who performs a number of procedures such as veneers, bridges, and crowns. Further, the restoration can include periodontist specialization, which relates to the gums. Oral surgeons are also usually involved in this type of procedure set if dental implants are needed.

Even orthodontists who specialize in moving the mouth structures and endodontists who specialize in the tooth pulp can get involved in a full mouth reconstruction process.

Why Would Someone a Need Full Mouth Reconstruction?

If your teeth have fallen out due to trauma or decayed too badly to be repaired, or have moderate to severe gum disease, gum recession you may need reconstruction. As well, fractured or otherwise injured teeth may need this kind of treatment. You may also need full mouth reconstruction if you have acid reflux or simply consume a lot of highly acidic foods or beverages that have damaged your teeth over time. Tooth grinding can also make you a candidate.

Your mouth may also be off-kilter. Occlusion is the process of biting, which works well for most people. However, if there is an issue with your jaw, your occlusion may be damaged in a way that goes beyond your teeth alone.

In all, a full mouth reconstruction may be needed if a combination of treatments should be used on the patient. A smile transformation at its finest!

How Does the Process Start?

The process of reconstruction is not something to consider lightly. This is something that requires a full and comprehensive consultation. Your dentist can determine how bad your problems are, and then devise a plan to repair them. This examination will include checking your:

  • Teeth – In some cases, your restoration will be fairly mild and only concern your teeth. A crown may repair the issue or perhaps a dental implant or a bridge is needed. In the cases of greater damage, fully covering crowns, inlays or onlays can be the right treatment. Your dentist needs to check if any of your teeth are too short or long, if there are issues with your roots, if your teeth move at all, or if there is wear, cracking or decay in any of your teeth.
  • Gum tissue – Your gums, otherwise known as periodontal tissue, need to be healthy in order to avoid having to get them scaled or root planed. No matter how well your new teeth are constructed, without a solid foundation, they will not serve you well. Treatment for this can involve bone grafting so that your gums have a solid jaw to attach to, or a soft tissue graft if your gums have worn away. Deep pockets around your teeth, a lack of gum tissue or too much of it can pose problems with your bone density and foundations for your teeth.
  • TMJ, occlusion and jaw muscles – Having a stable bite consists of no pain when you chew or otherwise close your mouth, and no wearing-away of your teeth by doing so. Your bite may need adjustment to make this a reality.

Talk to your dentist about the issues you face with your overall smile. Whether you need cosmetic help or adjustment in functionality, do not worry as there is always a solution!

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