Full Mouth Reconstruction with All Teeth Dental Implants

When your teeth are in a dire state of disrepair, it may be necessary to replace all of them. In situations where you have to replace an entire set of either your top teeth or bottom teeth, this is called an arch. Often this requires a dental implant and several visits in order to be successful.


Before you can get started, your dentist or oral surgeon needs to have a good idea of the scope of work to be performed by having a consultation. There will be an initial exam coupled with an imaging session such as an x-ray of your teeth and jaws. You will also need to answer some questions about your oral history and general medical past. This will also consist of a conversation regarding your options for treatment.

Initial Placement

Your replacement teeth will need dental implants under them as support. Putting in these support pieces has to happen 4-6 months before your final replacement teeth, as the titanium implants need time to merge with the bone in your jaw. Your temporary denture will be used to help you eat while your healing from your dental implant surgery.


Abutments are the connectors that go into an implant to connect your new teeth to the appliance. Sometimes you can attach the teeth as a group to the implants, and place them all at once. This step can immediately precede the individual custom replacements. If you use a fixed bridge or implant support for your overdenture, this can be similar to a removable denture. The main difference between a denture and implants is that implants are meant to be installed all the time, whereas a denture is temporary and can be removed every night.

Different Amounts

If you are missing a small number of teeth, you may be able to get by with simply having a bridge or some crowns put into your mouth. Otherwise, you may just want to have a full mouth set of custom-made dental implants put in place by your periodontist. Dental implants are permanent, but they require a significant amount of surgery to install the base followed by screwing in the replacement teeth themselves.

Installation and Maintenance

When you want to replace all of your teeth because due to heavily damaged teeth, and multiple missing teeth or severe gum disease, dental implants might be a logical choice for comfort. They are also relatively easy to maintain, since you can simply brush and floss them in the same way you would with your natural teeth.

It is important to note that dentures carry the disadvantage that they need to be cleaned differently from standard brushing. As well, they can actually cause your jaw bone to deteriorate. This tends to cause a stigma for denture wearers, as their mouths can actually collapse or their jaw bone can become recessed.

There are two main ways to replace a damaged smile. One is easier on the front end, while the other is easier and more permanent on the back end.

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