What are the Full Mouth Reconstruction Steps?

A full mouth reconstruction consists of several steps that are useful for building a healthier and stronger relationship between the parts of your mouth. Full mouth reconstruction consists of a set of operations that can fix virtually any problem in your mouth, such as a faulty bite, damage to your gums or jaw bone, repair or replace worn-out prior dental work, and ensure that your jaw joints seat together properly. While many patients only need one procedure to perfect their smile, other patients are in need of a combination of treatments to transform their smile.

What are the Steps?

Full mouth reconstruction has several potential parts. You can get dental crowns, inlays into your teeth, onlays over your teeth, bridges between the teeth, and fillings to make your teeth whole as just the basics. A dental implant is also one of the more popular tooth replacement options on the market.

Implant dentistry is a more major type of procedure. This consists primarily of replacing an entire tooth. Every part of the tooth is replaced, from the root connected to the jaw all the way to the crown that meets other teeth in your bite.

If your bite is off, it can cause headaches and make chewing any kind of food painful. Neuromuscular dentistry and temporomandibular joint or TMJ treatments address problems with your bite lining up that have more to do with the joint or the nerves. These are perhaps the most complex and delicate parts of a full mouth reconstruction.

Bruxism treatments are concerned with the grinding of your teeth. Like anything else, teeth that grind together get worn away relatively quickly. By resolving this type of problem, your teeth will be less likely to become misshapen or otherwise damaged, allowing for cosmetic work to make your smile look great. Plus, grinding teeth at night can cause severe headaches in the morning.

Cosmetic dentistry is only partially to do with the health of your mouth and is more about your appearance. This can consist of whitening your teeth, dental bonding, re-contouring your gums, and putting porcelain veneers on the visible parts of your teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is typically the last portion of your full mouth reconstruction steps.

Who is a Candidate?

Unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate for a full mouth reconstruction. You can be a candidate if you have several problems with your overall oral health. If most or all of your teeth are affected, you may be a candidate. You have an even greater likelihood of candidacy if your gums and other supporting tissues are affected. Talk to your dentist about the different treatment options available to you.

A consultation with your dentist should be the first step to your full mouth reconstruction journey. You must remember that the overall health of your smile is the #1 goal for your dentist. Once your oral health is up to par, the aesthetics of your smile will follow shortly after. Don’t wait and talk to your dentist about how you can start transforming your smile today.

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