Laser Gum Therapy in Aurora

October 6, 2015 |

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Laser Gum Therapy at Baer Dental

Most people do not follow good dental habits and sooner or later they have to visit a dentist. If only they had followed the routine of brushing their teeth every morning and night after dinner, they wouldn’t have needed the service of a cosmetic dentist. Periodontal diseases grow over several stages. It begins as plaque and gradually grows to form tartars harboring bacteria leading to the infected gums appearing as gingivitis in the early stages. Gradually, it turns into serious infection resulting in periodontitis. 

Laser Treatment for Gum Problems

Dr Chris Baer, a cosmetic dentist who treats patients from Aurora, Parker, Centennial, Denver, Elizabeth and Franktown, CO is enthusiastic about a revolutionary laser technique for treating gum problems. Up until now, gum diseases were treated by scaling or root planning followed by surgery to remove and clean a large amounts of calculus or plaque.

A new procedure that has come into existence is known as LANAP. This is laser gum therapy, a non-invasive procedure or Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure.

This therapy is emerging quite popular because it involves the application of specialized laser. Medications and antibiotics are much less effective in comparison.

Laser therapy is quite advantageous in comparison to traditional approaches to treating periodontal diseases as any dentist or cosmetic dentist will tell you. This is especially useful, if you have sensitive teeth and gum, bleeding gums or swollen gums. There are many patients who fear traditional gum treatment and surgery, for whom laser treatment has come as a boon because this approach is minimally invasive. In addition, this treatment will appeal those who are looking for biological or holistic approach to treating periodontal diseases.

After-care – Follow dentist’s advice 

Your dentist will let you know the exact after care strategy post treatment. With this therapy, you will drastically reduce the number of visits to be made to the cosmetic dentist to about one or two, while several visits might be needed in case you are going for surgical treatment. It can be anything from 4 to 8, while in case of the therapy relying just on medications, you will require multiple treatments.

The best part of the treatment is that it is minimally invasive requiring little to none after care, while this is not the case with surgery. This treatment is as effective as the surgical treatment but it requires no stitches unlike surgical treatment.

The healing period is pretty fast in case of laser treatment but it is just about moderate in case of surgery. Since the treatment requires no cutting, no incisions and no stitches, it makes a universal appeal with nearly everyone needing strong medication or surgery for the treatment of their dental diseases. The treatment with laser effective effectively disposes off bacteria from gums.

Since dental health is becoming a universal concern, good dental habits can effectively keep your gum and teeth healthy. However, just in case you need dental treatment next time, laser gum therapy can be your best bet. As said earlier, bacteria are the chief culprit causing periodontal diseases. There are several traditional approaches to treating gum and teeth problem such as dental surgery and medication. However, the latest technique known as the laser gum therapy is the most effective technique because it is non-invasive, holistic and safe.

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