Laser Treatment for Gum Disease

May 30, 2015 |

Dental Treatments

Gum disease is more common than what most people tend to believe. A dentist has the option of applying traditional or laser based treatments to address gum disease. The treatment involves removal of harmful bacteria, plaque, and calculus from the gums. Dr. Chris Baer is an experienced cosmetic dentist providing laser gum disease treatment to his patients in Aurora, Parker, Centennial, Denver, Elizabeth, and Franktown, CO.

Less Invasive Treatment

If the harmful bacteria are not removed from the gums in time, the initial condition of gingivitis can lead to severe periodontal disease, and eventually cause tooth loss. Laser treatment is a significantly less invasive procedure compared to traditional treatments such as scaling, root planning, and gum surgery.

Laser assisted treatment is more precise and focuses only on the targeted diseased area of the gums. The long-term health and resilience of the teeth is better preserved with laser gum therapy. This treatment should be performed by a dentist who is thoroughly experienced in handling laser procedures for the teeth.

More Efficient Outcomes

Laser gum therapy or laser periodontal therapy is today widely recognized as one of the most efficient treatments available to remove harmful bacteria from the gums. The treatment will substantially reduce or limit the condition of gum recession, and also minimize tooth sensitivity.

The treatment does not involve any incisions or the use of sutures. Gums need not be cut or stitched with laser, unlike traditional gum surgery. Patients find it more comfortable and the recovery process is faster. Patients in Aurora, Parker, Centennial, Denver, Elizabeth and Franktown, CO can receive laser gum treatment from Dr. Baer, who is a well-known cosmetic dentist in the region.


The procedure for laser gum surgery begins with the dentist taking measurements of the gums to determine the scale of inflammation and estimated bone loss. The fiber optic tip of the laser is placed precisely over the targeted gum pocket. The laser energy beam will remove the diseased tissue that may be lining up inside the gum or periodontal pocket. This harmful, disease causing bacteria needs to be eliminated completely so that it does not re-grow and multiply after the treatment.

The key advantage with laser treatment is that the healthy surrounding tissue is left unharmed, and only the diseased gum tissue and germs are selectively eliminated. The laser beam will remove the tough calcium deposits, which are also known as calculus or tartar, from the teeth and the roots. At this point, the dentist may also use tiny hand cleaning devices to remove any additional hard deposits of calcium.

A Second Time

Once the basic cleaning process is over, the dentist will use the laser a second time. It is placed at the gum pocket bottom to remove the remaining diseased tissue. In this second laser treatment, the remaining gum tissue and bone are sterilized thoroughly. This helps eliminate all traces of harmful bacteria, toxins, and other germs. The laser also stimulates the blood clot formation, which includes fibers that re-attach the tissue to the tooth root and seal out harmful bacteria.

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