Check out some of Aurora's Great Restaurants

Although it has earned the title as the Gateway to the Rockies it has more practically turned into a basecamp, giving visitors access to ski resorts, Rocky Mountain National Park and the Great Sand Dunes National Park to name just a few. With the tourism industry comes diversity and the restaurants in Aurora support that observation. There are over 250 restaurants featuring many different ethnic venues and menus to satisfy your palate and cravings. Aurora has a population of over 350,000 residents that embrace tourism and will only enhance any dining experience.

A Quick Glance

Here are a few popular destinations that represent different dining opportunities. The Bent Fork Grill has two locations and features unique American classics with unusual twists. Another American adventure is Rosie’s Diner, which will at first come off more like a nostalgic museum of the 50s. Each booth has its own juke box! If you are looking for surf and turf make a reservation at The Summit Steak and Seafood. Offering more than a simple dining experience it has live music in the center of the restaurant. If you are vegan and can’t do steaks, Masalaa is a vegan and vegetarian restaurant found in downtown Aurora. With an influence from India, they guide you through the many spices available. From India to Mexico, Sam’s No 3 specializes in Mexican food, but wait, they also feature Greek and American. Once you make your way through the 16 page menu you will find something for everyone at the table. Even though the Bent Noodle suggests Asian, their homemade classics are all Italian. Have we mentioned traditional French food that can be found at My French Press? You can have a nice meal in this café and leave with fresh pastry from the adjoining bakery. Korean food is very hearty and quite different from other oriental menus. You’ll find this at Seoul BBQ and Sushi. Have you tried Ethiopian cuisine yet? The Nile Ethiopian Restaurant will treat you to some sub-Saharan dishes. Have fun
scooping up the food with torn pieces of a large flatbread. We have had Italian and French from Western Europe, now let’s try German. Helga’s serves a great mixture of schnitzels and other Rhineland specialties.

By the numbers

We mentioned only ten dining opportunities to show the ethnic diversity. Here comes some more numbers if you are a foodie. You can find Mexican food served in 247 different restaurants, Italian in 185, Chinese at 104, barbeque at 42, seafood at 75 and Indian at 26. There are 57 different steakhouses and 182 pizza joints. Whew! Are we still hungry? After all the outdoor activities available in Aurora, or the countless shopping venues, no one wants you to leave hungry! The restaurants in Aurora do justice to the Gateway to the Rockies by giving you so many different choices. Oh, did we even mention that Aurora’s big brother is right next door, that being Denver, Colorado. Aurora stands on its own with its identity, but having Denver nearby is certainly a bonus.

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