Restorative Dentistry: Dental Implants in Aurora

October 30, 2014 |

Dental Treatments

Baer Dental Designs is one of the foremost dental practices for patients in all age groups living in Aurora, Parker, Elizabeth, Franktown, Denver and other adjoining communities in CO. Dr. Christopher Baer, who has been named a 5280 Magazine Top Dentist for two years in a row, leads Baer Dental Designs with a commitment to provide the best in class general and cosmetic dental treatments to the people of the area. Dr. Baer is a highly experienced dentist in Aurora for a wide range of procedures for kids, teens and adults, and he combines modern techniques with a safe and conservative approach to achieve optimal results.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental crowns and bridges are a traditional tooth replacement procedure that is still widely used and recommended in many cases. However, in comparison to this procedure, dental implants are a more stable, long lasting and aesthetically superior solution that may be more suited in some cases. The implant procedure is more complex and sophisticated, but its advantages outweigh every other tooth replacement technique, provided the patient’s needs are in sync with this procedure.

A dental implant is essentially an artificial tooth root that replaces a missing tooth as naturally as possible. The implant is combined with a well-fitting crown to provide a complete artificial tooth structure that performs the same functions as the natural teeth. If the implant procedure is performed correctly, the results can be very long lasting, and the patient will not even remember the difference between the natural teeth and the implant after a while.

Benefits of Implants

As an experienced dentist in Aurora, Dr. Baer recommends implant treatment for the patients where it is the most appropriate tooth replacement solution. Many of his patients in Aurora, Parker, Elizabeth, Franktown, and Denver, CO have received the benefits of implants and vouch for this treatment. Here are some of the key benefits that you can expect from a treatment of dental implants in Aurora with Dr. Baer:

Effective Smile Restoration

Compared to any other restorative dental solution for your missing teeth, implants are the most effective. The implant root will fuse with the bone naturally over a period of time, making the restoration permanent. You can feel natural and confident about your smile like anyone else with a full set of natural teeth.

Stability for Dentures

Those who wear dentures can benefit from implants placed strategically to provide added stability. The risk and discomfort of the dentures moving from their position will be eliminated when they are stabilized with tooth implants.

Improved Speech and Eating Comfort

Implants will do away with all the downsides of dentures such as sleep difficulties or eating discomfort, particularly when the dentures become slightly ill-fitting or unstable. Implants are permanent, non-removable and once they are set, you can treat them just as your other natural teeth.

Conservative for your Oral Health

Dental implants offer a distinct advantage over dental bridges in terms of preserving oral health. When a bridge is fitted, it requires support from adjacent healthy teeth that need to be prepared. However, a dental implant does not compromise the health of adjoining teeth in any way.

Long Lasting

Implants are the most long lasting teeth replacement technique available in dentistry. High quality implants fitted by a skilled surgeon can easily last for many years, and in many cases, they may last for a lifetime. Over a period of time, patients typically forget they are even using an implant.

Success Rate

Dr. Baer is an expert dentist in Aurora for the implant procedure, and has a very high success rate of nearly 100 percent. In rare cases, the success rate may vary, depending on the location where the implant is required to be placed. Implants are a highly durable option, but their long term success may also vary depending on the general oral health of the patient and the kind of oral hygiene practices the patient follows. Ideal candidates for implants in Aurora, Parker, Elizabeth, Franktown, Denver and other areas in CO will typically have a very high success rate and can enjoy the comforts of an implant for a lifetime.

Superb Candidates

An ideal candidate for a dental implant may be anyone who is healthy enough to sustain a regular tooth extraction or oral surgery. Patients with healthy gums and sufficient bone in the targeted area to hold the implant are the best candidates with a high rate of success. The patient should be committed to maintaining consistent and fantastic oral hygiene while making periodic visits to the dentist. Diabetics, heart patients, heavy smokers may have to be evaluated for suitability before they can be accepted for dental implants.