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Aurora, CO Areas Served

Up for Golf anyone? In addition to the more than 100 parks and 6,000+ acres of open natural space, Aurora, CO also hosts six award-winning municipal golf courses and a large number of private ones. These popular golf courses include:

  • Aurora Hills (municipal)
  • Common Ground Golf Course
  • Fitzsimons (municipal)
  • Heather Ridge Country Club
  • Heritage Eagle Bend Golf Club
  • John F. Kennedy Golf Course
  • Meadow Hills (municipal)
  • Murphy Creek (municipal)
  • Saddle Rock (municipal)
  • Springhill (municipal)
  • Valley Country Club

Founded on October 26, 2003, Aurora’s Morrison Nature Center, Star K Ranch, endows important habitats for local wildlife while providing trails for nature exploration. These popular trails include access to the Sand Creek Greenway Trail. Another wildlife habitat you can visit is the Jewell Wetland. Settled on 50-acres of wooded wetland, Jewell features boardwalk/deck access onto the wetland, trails, and a butterfly garden. If you like to get wet, the Aurora or Quincy Reservoirs both offer outdoor water recreation. The Aurora manages twenty-six landmarks and historic sites. These include:

  • KOA Art Deco-style Building of 1934
  • Centennial House Victorian-style of 1890
  • The Lowry Building
  • American War Mothers National Memorial Home
  • The U.S. Air Force Academy interim headquarters from 1955 to 1958
  • The Gully Homestead of 1870
  • DeLaney Round Barn of 1902

There is a large Arts community that spans all aspects from visual to performance. The venues for this community comprise:

  • The Aurora Fox Theatre & Arts Center (Also a historic landmark)
  • The Aurora Public Library
  • The Aurora Symphony Orchestra
  • The Aurora History Museum


Lakewood’s Belmar town center holds a mix of retail and residential spaces that include artistic and cultural offering as well as public space. Some of the venues you can find include:

  • The Laboratory of Art and Ideas
  • The Colorado Campus of The Ohio Center for Broadcasting
  • Working with Artists - A nonprofit fine art photography school
  • A designated Arts District that house gallery space and artist studios.

Additionally, the Lakewood Cultural Center features gallery space, a theater, and art classroom space. The Lakewood Heritage Center is a museum with historic
buildings situated near Kountze Lake. If you are more interested in the great outdoors, try the William Fredrick Hayden Park in the foothills of Green Mountain, just avoid the north side where the NC National Guard goes for artillery practice.


A day in Thornton brings innumerable possibilities. If the weather is good, enjoy one or more of the available 81 city parks and over 80 miles of trails spread throughout the city.

If you prefer the indoors or at least a more structured setting, Thornton offers the Thornton Community Center or the Margaret Carpenter Recreation Center. There is also Thorncreek Golf Course and Todd Creek Golf. Looking to add to your wardrobe or home? Check out:

  • Larkridge Mall
  • Thorncreek Crossing Shopping Center
  • Thornton Town Center


Arvada features cultural attractions via the Arvada Center for the Arts & Humanities and the Cussler Museum of Rare Automobiles. It also participates in the nonprofit citizen diplomacy network Sister Cities International. This program works to create and strengthen partnerships between communities within the US States and in other countries. These partnerships are primarily done through the establishment of "sister cities." Arvada has three sister cities designated by Sister Cities International. They are:

  • Mechelen, Belgium
  • Jinzhou, China
  • Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan


The International Headquarters for Gamma Phi Beta is located in Centennial. It was also the first area in Colorado to acquire an IKEA store. This store is also the second largest IKEA in the United States and was awarded Project of the Year by the City of Centennial.


Stapleton is a neighborhood for both Denver and Aurora. The development was built on the site of the decommissioned Stapleton International Airport that closed in 1995. It received its name from that former airport. Stapleton includes nine neighborhoods and Public and Private schools. It also holds multiple shopping and business districts, 50 parks, and a Visitor’s Center.

Green Valley Ranch

One of the most exciting recent additions to the Green Valley Ranch region is Panasonic Enterprise Solutions’ environmentally sustainable project called Pena Station NEXT. This addition is expected to bring 400 jobs to the area with an average wage of over $80,000 annually. The Panasonic plans make-up a state of the art, environmentally friendly community that will promote sustainable living.

Castle Rock

Castle Rock's open space and parks make up over a quarter of the town’s land area. Other attractions include the Castle Rock Historical Museum, is set in what was previously the Denver and Rio Grande Railway depot. Or, there is the Sri Venkateswara Temple's 8-acre complex. The Temple is a momentous landmark for Colorado’s Hindu community. It attracts regular participants all over Colorado. Also available there are invited lecturers, classes, service programs and outreach to the community.

Virginia Village

Virginia Village is a neighborhood of Denver, about five miles southeast of downtown. The neighborhood is made up of a mixture of single-family home and townhomes, as well as shopping plazas, and high-rise office buildings.


A popular attraction in the town of Parker is the Cherry Creek Trail. This trail runs north and South along Cherry Creek and is used for walking, hiking, bicycling, and in the winter, cross-country skiing. Soon the Rueter–Hess Reservoir will be available for activities including hiking, fishing, and non-motorized boating. The reservoir is located west of, and the water is delivered via Cherry Creek and local canals.


Since the 1920s, Littleton has held an annual community celebration. Western Welcome Week includes over 40 events benefiting numerous local civic and charitable organizations. Another annual tradition is the Candlelight Walk. The Walk features an entire evening of holiday-themed festivities that lead up to the lighting of the trees along Main Street. Other points of interest in Littleton include:

  • The Depot Art Gallery
  • The Gravesite of Alferd Packer
  • Hudson Gardens
  • Littleton Chorale
  • Littleton Fine Arts Guild
  • The Littleton Museum
  • Littleton Symphony Orchestra
  • Town Hall Arts Center

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