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Baer Dental Designs is only located 30 minutes from downtown Berkley, CO. Dr. Christopher Baer provides high quality and honest dental services focusing on relationship building through trust and respect. Consider Baer Dental for you and your family’s oral health today.

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More about Berkley, CO


Berkley, Colorado’s history dates back to the brief Colorado gold rush of the 1870’s. Settlers discovered gold at the base of the Rocky Mountains and prospectors rushed to the area. Eventually a developer from Berkley Springs, Virginia named John Brisben Walker found himself in the Denver area. It was there what he established Berkley Farm, which at its peak was over 1,500 acres. Walker eventually partnered with Dr. William A. Bell to establish the Berkley Farm and Cattle Company in 1885 in order to manage and maintain the large farm. A few years later in 1887, Walker donated fifty acres for the eventual Sacred Heart College established by Jesuit settlers coming to the area. A year later, Walker sold his farm to Kansas City investors who subdivided and sold the land for residential development. The city is just on the northwestern edge of Denver and its proximity to the major city attracted settlers from the very beginning. At first the city was named North Denver and in 1898 the name was changed to reflect the original farm the stood there.


Today the city is a bustling suburb of Denver. Residents and visitors love the atmosphere that is uniquely Denver. The population in 2010 was just over 11,000 residents and that number continues to climb as the Denver metropolitan area continues to attract young people from across the nation. The city is located just north of Denver so its residents benefit from all that Denver has to offer. The city is also committed to constant community improvement in order to keep up with the flow of new residents coming to the area. The Merchants and Neighborhood Associations are both active and organized and constantly finding ways to improve the community.

Things to do

The community is probably most well know for its access to two of Denver’s top rated parks, Rocky Mountain Lake Park and Berkeley Lake Park. Both parks offer gorgeous mountain views, hiking trails, and various amenities that attract locals and visitors alike. If you are looking for Colorado nature, you can’t miss with these two parks. The atmosphere of the city is often described as trendy and unique. The city is home to numerous art galleries that house unique and exotic pieces. The shopping in the area is also top notch and is a great place to find trendy stores and unique shopping experiences. The restaurant scene is also on the rise in the city.

In addition to all of this, the city is located right next to Denver, which makes all that Denver has to offer easily accessible. Within 15 miles of the community there are over 15 museums. These museums all offer their own unique experience and learning opportunities. The art scene in Denver is also a major source of local pride. There are over 20 theaters within a few miles of the community that offer many different types of shows and concerts. The community is also just minutes away from downtown Denver, Highland Square, and LoHi, which are some of the regions most popular attractions.

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