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About Castle Rock, CO

We have found some very interesting historical facts about Castle Rock, Colorado. The area was initially the home to the Arapaho and Cheyenne Indian tribes. Settlers started flocking to the region in and around 1862 due to the rumors of gold and land opening up through the Homestead Act. The town was founded in 1874 and chosen for its location in the heart of Douglas County to be the county seat. What really made the town grow in the late 1800s was not gold, but the discovery of Rhyolite stone. Somehow many Swedish immigrants ended up in the area working the rhyolite quarries. You’ve never heard of the stone or mineral? Rhyolite is made up of a high silica content with quartz, plagioclase and sanidine. It can be volcanically equivalent to granite. You’ll find it used today decoratively for interior work and countertops, or on the exterior for building stones and facing stones. It is also used for gemstones and jewelry. Castle Rock was originally named for a prominent, castle tower shaped butte in the heart of the city. Today a park sits onto of the “rock” and offers up a terrific view.

Location, location

Back in the day Castle Rock landed a train depot for the Denver and Rio Grande railway. Located a 35 minute drive north to Denver or a 40 minute drive to the south to Colorado Springs, Castle Rock really enjoys a terrific location right smack in the middle of these two cities . Castle Rock has now grown to just shy of 60,000 residents but yet a quick drive up or down the Interstate will open up other adventures for you or family.


First and foremost, let’s not forget you are at the base of the Rocky Mountains. You’re 90 minutes to Pikes Peak to the southwest or a pinch over two hours to the Breckenridge Keystone area. So, all alpine amenities are close. Castle Rock itself offers 20 parks, over 56 miles of trails, and 6,000 acres of green open space. A perfect way to compliment the perfect climate, nestled in between the alpine snows and the harsh Midwestern heat. Castle Rock has its own historic downtown area that features one of a kind dining opportunities and unique boutique retail stores. It has its share of big boxes and outlet malls as well.

Extended Amenities

Denver, the capital of Colorado, is a progressive city of over 700,000 residents and growing. You can find absolutely anything and everything your heart desires somewhere in the metro confines. Colorado Springs just to the south is just an eyelash smaller at about 465,000 residents. The Springs has over 55 major attractions in the immediate vicinity, such as the Air Force Academy, the Olympic Training Center and the Garden of the Gods to mention only three. The beautiful thing about Castle Rock, Colorado, is that on any given day you can explore one of four directions, Denver, Colorado Springs, the Mountains, or simply enjoy what your hometown has to offer.

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