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About Centennial, CO

Oh my! That is what you’ll say when you step out of the car anywhere in Centennial and gaze west towards the Rocky Mountains. Centennial, located south of Denver, offers a perfect unobstructed view of the majestic mountains. There are some interesting facts that we’ll share now about Centennial, CO.


The History of Centennial is short and sweet. Nothing about gold, or railroads, or armed forces bases; elements that other cities around Denver were established on. Centennial was a slice of unincorporated Arapahoe County sandwiched between other cities that became incorporated at the late date of 2001 all based on taxes. The neighboring cities were gobbling up the unincorporated property. An incorporation vote was successful and the new community enjoys lower taxes yet today. Currently 110,000 residents call Centennial home even though the post office still might recognize their zip code as one of the neighboring communities. Your mail will get to you but through the older cities of  Aurora, Englewood or Littleton. Since it was also not a planned city as such, the community is cut in half by Interstate 25 and its defining borders bounce around like a whiffle ball in a windstorm. Residential properties dominates the eastern half and business and entertainment can be found west of the Interstate.


Don’t be mistaken, Centennial does have character! Anything but flat, the terrain has many hills, gullies and ravines. This has resulted in some terrific open spaces that have been designated as recreational areas. The list includes Dry Creek Dam, DeKoevend Park, the Highline Canal Trail, Willow Creek Trail, and the Big Dry Creek and Little Dry Creek Trails. Saving the best to last there is the beautiful Cherry Creek State Park. Anything you want to do in a park can be fulfilled here!

Location, Location

Once again, the best of both worlds. You can jump in the car and be in Denver in 30 minutes and pursue everything this award receiving city has to offer, or you can turn around and head 45 minutes down Interstate 25 to Colorado Springs and do the same. If you want to stay home you’ll find plenty to do in either The Streets of South Glenn or the Centennial Promenade. South Glenn is a total redevelopment of an old mall that now offers an urban lifestyle destination with shopping, sidewalk cafes, restaurants, bistros and unique retailers. The Promenade has over 50 specialty stores along with a few big box retailers.


Another fact about Centennial are some of the rating the community has received. You’ll find the city in the top 10 for best suburbs, best places to buy a home and best public schools. So if Colorado is a destination you have got to look at Centennial. One thing that is mentioned over and over that doesn’t get enough attention is the fact that the residents feel the neighborhoods of Centennial are very safe for their kids. So, how about playing in the streets and looking up at the Rockies while doing so!

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