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About Green Valley Ranch, CO

The most obvious benefit that comes from making a mistake is the opportunity to learn a  lesson. There are many such benefits that can come from a mistake, but this one seems the most appropriate when we look at the history of Green Valley Ranch in Colorado. In fact, let’s just refer to it as misfortunate. So what is it about Green Valley Ranch, Colorado that brings us to this conclusion? Let’s take a look.

The beginning

Green Valley Ranch is a growing suburb just 30 minutes to the northeast of Denver. Back in 1973 Denver annexed a pinch over 3,000 acres from Adams County to start this development. The beginning was a rough go. It’s only been since the year 2,000 that the area has taken off. The two black eyes that handcuffed the development for a while were, first, the ABC News announcement that the Martin Luther King Middle School in Green Valley Ranch was the worst school in the entire country! Initially this was somewhat a result of the developer trying too hard to make it a diverse neighborhood. Today Green Valley Ranch has a very nice balance of ethnic groups. The second black eye came with the mortgage crisis in 2008. USA Today said the neighborhood was one of the hardest hit in the foreclosure crisis our country was experiencing. Owners had defaulted on 1,000 of the 8,000 homes at that time resulting in millions in foreclosures.

Rebounding, Lessons Learned

The mayor of Denver lived in the neighborhood throughout these years and the area has not only rebounded admirably but has since exploded. Over 35,000 residents now call Green Valley Ranch home and are smiling with the regular increase in the value of the homes. Some have seen appraised values increase of over 80%! The development has nice mixed used commercial areas featuring retail storefronts and dining opportunities. Another huge addition to the interest and growth in the neighborhood is the commitment to the addition of a light rail, allowing you quick access to either downtown Denver or the huge regional airport. There have been recent additions with major corporate announcements of buildouts in the development. Everything continues to point up for Green Valley Ranch.

Location, Location

Being a neighbor to a city of almost 700,000 strong has its benefits. Not only do you have two major Interstate highways intersecting in your backyard enabling you to travel to the four points on the compass, you also are right next to one of the major hubs for air travel in the United States. Denver proper has been names the Baby Boomer Capital of the US. The capital of Colorado is a progressive city with entertainment options from A to Z. As mentioned earlier, the one nice thing about Green Valley Ranch, CO, is the easy access to all that fun and then just jump the light rail home. Oops! We almost forgot about the Rocky Mountains! Holy Cow! Now you can chose between urban entertainment or the beauty of nature in the mountains.

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