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About Lakewood, CO

You know what is great about Denver, Colorado? That the Rocky Mountains sit in your backyard. You know what is even better about Lakewood, CO? The fact that Lakewood is in Denver’s backyard and even closer to those majestic mountain. Let’s take look at Lakewood and see what attributes compliment that view.


The community was developed back in 1889 as a suburban type development. For 80 years it continued to grow without any Municipal government. The community shared water districts, fire districts and government from Jefferson County. The law enforcement was from the Sheriff’s department and they even had some neighborhoods without street lights and sidewalks. Lakewood finally was incorporated in 1969, making it a very young city. With that major change the city has taken off. Now the home to around 154,000 residents it has many fine character building amenities. Here are a few.

Outdoor Recreation

The first on the list is Bear Creek Lake Park. This 2,600 acre park offers water activities, cycling and horseback riding, picnic areas and even an archery range just for starters. The second park on the list is the 2,400 acre William F. Hayden Park on Green Mountain. With a focus on hiking you can reach an elevation of 6,800 feet on one of the grueling trails you’ll find in this park. Finished with those two? That leaves 97 other parks that call Lakewood home! That would keep you busy in and of itself! You may want to work in a visit to Red Rock Amphitheater. This geological phenomenon is an outdoor venue that
was built back in 1941 and can seat close to 10,000. It is the only one like it in the world. It is becoming a bit iconic now that it has hosted shows by The Grateful Dead, U2, The Beatle, Jimmy Hendrix, Jethro Tull and Sonny & Cher. The list is way too long to include the many artists that have enjoyed this unique venue.

Shopping Downtown

Lakewood didn’t have a traditional downtown as we know it. It was urban commercial sprawl. Until they demolished a huge indoor mall and created the Belmar district in 2004 do they have a shopping destination. You will find more than 80 shops, restaurants and various entertainment establishments in this district area. You can now also visit the creative district west of the major Colfax avenue corridor. West Arts offers you over 120 creative type businesses, galleries, performing arts venues and a wide variety of bars and restaurants. One other fun fact about Lakewood, CO. The city has not missed the national fad on craft beers. There are two terrific brewing companies in Lakewood proper and over 70 breweries total within a 20 minute drive! Just last year Lakewood was ranked as the 26 th best city to live in. This is based on research of over 2,000 cities of this population in which they rank the top 100. The city has really blossomed since just 1969. Of course, there are those mountains so darn close!

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