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Baer Dental Designs is only located 20 minutes from downtown Lone Tree, CO. Dr. Christopher Baer provides high quality and honest dental services focusing on relationship building through trust and respect. Consider Baer Dental for you and your family’s oral health today.

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The history of Lone Tree, Colorado is a relatively modern one. The city was only recently incorporated in 1995 as the result of residents moving to the area since the early 1980’s. Residents were drawn to the area by advertised amenities that in reality did not exist. In order to promote more settlement the community formed a homeowners association, which hopefully would address the lack of amenities provided by the original developer and the lack of laws in place to enforce city covenants in order to keep campers from staying on residents lawns. Armed with collective action, the homeowners association pressured the Douglas County Board to put pressure on the developer to provide what was advertised and promised. The fight continued for several more years until finally the homeowners association was able to secure positions on the Park Meadow’s Metropolitan District Board and take control of the development and the amenities present.


The city of Lone Tree is a remarkable example of communities that are attracting businesses and young millennials. The city benefits from its location to both Denver and the Denver area’s major freeway system. It is entirely possible to live in Lone Tree and work in Denver or any of the other surrounding municipalities. It is considered a model example of a new phenomenon called “edge cities”. This means that the city is at the very edge of the metropolitan area but because of its location to the transportation infrastructure, it is entirely connected to the larger city and therefore a great place to live in the quiet seclusion while still maintaining a connection to an urban city. In the 20 years since its incorporation, the city’s population has quadrupled and various businesses and shopping centers are moving in. The future looks incredibly bright for the city as well with three new train stops planned for opening in the near future. Developers are looking at the city as one of the most up and coming cities in the entire area.

Things to do

The city began as a development around a golf course and the golf course is still a major part of the community today. The course was designed by Arnold Palmer and is one of the premier golf courses in the Denver area. Local golfers flock to the city to play. The community is located in the southeast corner of the Denver metropolitan area and it’s proximity to Interstate 25 means that all that Denver has to offer is a short distance away. The region is known for its beauty, nature, and outdoor activities and this city is no different. The city is home to many parks and nature trails including, Cherry Creek State Park, Bluff’s Regional Park Trail and Park, and Daniel’s Park. Just like most of Colorado, skiing is a major attraction. Park Meadows is home to Colorado Ski and Sports, which is a great place for you skiing needs. In addition to the natural beauty, the city has recently become home to the Park Meadows Mall, which is quickly becoming known as regional shopping mall destination.

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