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About Stapleton, Denver, CO

What do you do with a huge regional airport right in the middle of a large city when you close it down? That is exactly what happened with Stapleton! Let’s find out a few things about Stapleton, CO that makes it a very unique neighborhood in Denver.

Relocating an Airport

In 1990 a private group of civic leaders got together and developed a plan for Stapleton International Airport when it would be closed due to the construction of the new Denver International Airport northeast of the city. When the airport did indeed close permanently in 1995 a master plan was in place. The plan emphasized a pedestrian-oriented design instead of auto access to everything. A whopping third of the nearly 5,000 acres or over 7.5 square miles was slated for a public park.

Watching it Blossom

Actual construction began in 2001. The community has it all; single family homes, row houses, condominiums and apartments. There are commercial areas and office parks that have been developed as well and don’t forget those big box retailers. The idea was to take the best of all of the existing Denver neighborhoods and combine them into one, such as front porches, garages on alleys, tree-lined streets and parks. And more parks! It was then and continues to be one of the largest fill-in urban development projects in the country and the model for success as of today. Located just 15 minutes to the northeast of downtown Denver the neighborhood has easy access to Interstates 70 and 270 to the northern edge and Interstate 225 to the east. The eastern neighbor is the city of Aurora. Also on the northeastern edge are two huge open spaces, the restored Sand Creek Regional Greenway and the Bluff Lake Nature Center which is now one largest urban wildlife refuges in the country.

Neighborhood Shopping and Dining

The developers didn’t forget that we Americans love to shop and dine out! The following commercial developments are found in the heart of Stapleton and allow an afternoon and evening out without extensive travel time. There are the Shops at Northfield. A festive and open-air experience the Main Street in lined with local boutiques, tasty restaurants and national brands like Target, Macy’s, Bass Pro Shop and Outdoor World. There also is a state of the art movie theater found here. Next you can visit the East 29th Town Center which can tease you with ice cream, yoga, coffee, wine or pick up some groceries. The Shops ant Conservatory Green seem to have an abundance of favorite restaurants and the Eastbridge Town Center has a collection of everything as well. Finally there is the mother lode in Quebec Square. Everything you are looking for and then some!

Easy Access

The cool thing about Stapleton, Co, is the easy public access. There was rail service included in the design so you can ride directly to downtown Denver or hop the train to the airport. Not something that is included in urban developments. Congratulations Stapleton! Well done!

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