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About Thornton, CO

You know what’s nice about Thornton, CO? You have Interstate 25 directly on your west taking you north and south. You then have Interstate 76 on your east and south sides taking you east and west. On the north you can jump on the new E-470 Parkway again taking you east and west. If you need to fly out of the region you have the Denver International Airport 20 minutes away. Go, go, go, anywhere! Where is this magnificent location you ask? Directly north of Denver proper you will find the growing city of Thornton. You’re also just a stone’s throw from Boulder and less than an hour from Fort Collins. Let’s find out a bit more.


Thornton was farmland until 1953 when Sam Hoffman purchased a parcel and laid out a fully planned community. The city was named after the Colorado governor at the time and was incorporated three short years later in 1956. The population today of Thornton is around 137,000 residents.

Some Amenities

Wait! We haven’t mentioned yet that the Rocky Mountains are on the immediate horizon. You can be in the mountains inside of an hour. If you need to stay local and get in a good stretch you’ll find 81 city parks and over 80 miles of trails for hiking and biking. The city planners do a great job in staying one step ahead of growth with continued successful planning. This has resulted in Thornton receiving the following rankings; the third best city for a healthy retirement, the third least risky place for identity theft, the third manliest sports cities and the third city on the edge of greatness. What in the world is a manly city? This lifestyle research is based on US made cars, full size pickups, motorcycle ownership, groups that focus on sports and home improvement projects. Of course the concentration of sporting activities in the Denver metro helps as well. And what is a city on the edge of greatness? This again is based on sporting activities, building projects going green, arts, music and other cosmopolitan factors.

By the Numbers

Thornton has grown to the point that it can totally stand on its own without big brother Denver 10 miles away. There are plenty of restaurant and entertainment venues, school districts and healthy utilities to support the community. The unemployment rate is below the national average while the cost of living is just a bit higher. The median age is 32 years of age and 56 percent of the residents are married. A strong, stable demographic review of this relatively young city. We opened that commuting was one of the benefits about Thornton, CO, that we liked. We want to reinforce how close Denver metro is as well as the fabulous Rocky Mountains. So although it was established as a true suburb to Denver Thornton has grown, prospered and has been recognized as a desirable city that can stand on its own. Check Thornton out, we believe you will be pleasantly surprised.

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