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Baer Dental Designs is less than 30 minutes from Virginia Village, Denver, CO. Dr. Christopher Baer provides high quality and honest dental services focusing on relationship building through trust and respect. Consider Baer Dental for you and your family’s oral health today.

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More About Virginia Village, Denver, CO

How can you not love a community with a name like Virginia Village? Less than 15  minutes from downtown Denver this neighborhood has been called average or vanilla by so many. Why? What is it about Virginia Village, Colorado that makes it average? Let’s first define the term. In this age of competition and performance our society has kind of put a negative spin on the word. When you look the word up it simply means mathematically in the middle. The mean, the median or the mode of a batch, sample or distribution. It means a central tendency. Then there is the definition of vanilla when describing the neighborhood. That simply means it has no special or extra features. That it is pretty ordinary. Well, the 17,000 residents of Virginia Village like these definitions!

Average, in a Good Way

Virginia Village is not an expensive place to live, nor is it a cheap place to call home. The housing is very diverse, but all the yards and streets are clean and well kept. Your neighbors are diverse as well, but you’ll find many working professionals either commuting the 15 minutes north to downtown Denver or 15 minutes south to Denver Tech Center. You have immediate access to Interstate 25 or you can jump on the light rail that services the community. You also have quick access to the very popular Cherry Creek Trail for biking, hiking or jogging, from downtown to way south in Parker, Colorado.

Amenities abound

Let’s run through some of the daily essentials in determining quality of life. This is American and we need our retail shopping fix! You’ll find many, many options up and down Colorado Boulevard, or you can head south to the Cherry Creek Mall, or of course downtown Denver. You can follow those same geographic locations for your dining and entertainment options. There are three beautiful parks in Virginia Village proper offering many, many outdoor green space activities. We mentioned earlier about the availability of the light rail. The neighborhood is an urban hub for public transportation so if you don’t want to jump in the car the entire system is very user friendly. You might think the urban area gets a little weird at night but you’ll find this area safe with very low crime numbers. The school system is solid. We mentioned earlier about the diversity of the area. This applies to the immediate skyline as well. Through your travels you’ll see single family homes, mid and high rise apartment buildings, townhouses, office buildings, commercial properties and strip malls. Just a little bit of everything.

You say Vanilla

What is there not to like about Virginia Village, Colorado! If this community is the definition of average we’ll take it all day long. Let’s not forget, right over your shoulder, are the Rocky Mountains. How many folks in prairie states would like to wake up to that view every morning? So yes, Virginia Village is very vanilla, just with a ton of toppings!

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