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More About Welby


Welby, Colorado’s history dates back to the late 1800’s when settlers began streaming westward in search of gold and opportunity. In 1858, a few settlers from Georgia discovered gold near the base of the Rocky Mountains in the Colorado Territory. Coming on the heels of the California gold rush a few years prior, gold fever took over and settlers began charging into the region. This rush brought settlers to the area north of Denver in 1889. This settlement would later become Welby. Over the next 20 years, the population of the settlement began to grow and the Denver-Laramie Realty Company officially platted a settlement map of 20 blocks and the city was incorporated. The Denver-Laramie Realty Company was a part ofthe larger Denver, Laramie and Northwestern Railroad Company whose first vice president, Arthur E. Welby became the namesake of the newly established city.

Settlers in the city began building through the early 1900’s and within 20 years there was a bustling Italian community located in the city. Aware of the high cost of transporting goods through the mountains, the settlers of the community made sure to secure their own water rights from the nearby Clear Creek. This allowed the settlers to irrigate the community and begin growing vegetables. This became a significant part of the city’s identity. For the next 40 years, Welby would be the largest vegetable producer in Adams County, Colorado. The completion of the major highways in the area in the 1950’s meant suburbanization for Adams County. The highways connected the community to the larger Denver area and made it a desirable place to live. Farms were converted to housing and industry and the population grew.


Today the population is almost 15,000 people making it one of the largest communities in Adams County. The population is on average 2.5 years younger than residents of other communities in Adams County. The city is currently making an effort to revitalize its outdoor community space by revamping its existing parks and building additional parks and trails. The city is also in the process of developing a multi-use community center. Folks who want to live close to Denver but maintain a small town feel love this city and the atmosphere it provides.

Things to do

The city’s proximity to Denver means that it is very possible to be in Welby and travel very short distances to enjoy all that the Denver metropolitan area has to offer. Some of the top attractions include 18 museums within 15 miles distance of the city center. These museums range from railroad museums to mining museums and everything in between. The arts are also important to the region and as a result there are 22 theaters within the same 15 miles. These theaters offer wide varieties of shows and concerts that will be enjoyed by all ages. In addition to that, Colorado and the Denver region specifically is known for its nature, beauty, and outdoor activities. You are minutes away from many trails and nature areas, and you are never away from the beauty.

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