Dental Technology Used in Aurora CO

Keeping up with the latest dental technology is essential. Improvements to procedures and tools make things easier for patients as treatment becomes more effective. The team at Baer Dental, especially Dr. Baer, are a team of lifelong students. We are committed to staying educated and informed about the latest dental techniques and technology.
Dental treatments have become less invasive over the years, and there’s a reason for that: technology. At Baer Dental, our commitment to a student mentality allows us to deliver the best dental care available.

Your Dentist’s Digital Scanning Technology

Digital Dental ScanningStaying on top of the latest technology can be very useful, fun and is absolutely vital. As improvements are discovered and perfected, their methods and devices make standard treatments even easier for dentists to make available.

Part of working in the dental field is staying updated and educated about the newest dental techniques.

Over the years, dental treatments have become more effective and less invasive at the same time.

Digital scanning technology has come a long way to making that a reality. Digital impressions mean no more gooey material in your mouth and high resolution, low radiation scans allow 3D jaw and tooth reconstructions

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Dental X-Rays

Although not a new idea in diagnostic techniques, the technology has definitely improved with age. A crucial tool for any dental office, advanced digital x-rays provide your dentist with the information needed to prescribe the safest and most efficient procedural options available.

A digital x-ray is exceptional in that it delivers several advanced imaging possibilities that allow for a clearer photo with less radiation in less time than older film based x-ray technology. For those who have trouble with your gag reflex, there is even a way to capture an image of the teeth without putting a digital sensor in your mouth. This new option is especially great for children or adults with smaller mouths.

Cone Beam Computed Topography (CBCT) scans

Cone Beam Computed Topography scans are the latest and greatest in digital imaging technology that is available to dental patients. The CBCT scan can be used to get a 3D view of your upper teeth, lower teeth, and jawbone. This three-dimensional view is better than the traditional 2D radiography such as bitewings or panoramic radiographs, especially when assessing the teeth and jaws for potential surgical procedures.

Digital Dental Impressions

Back in the day making dental crowns would require a LOT of work. Now, thanks to digital scanning technology your dentist can map and fabricate crowns without the discomfort associated with taking a traditional dental mold.

With a quick and easy process, actual definition dental imaging is great and once again, avoids that pesky gag reflex issue that impression goo often aggravates.

Once your teeth are digitized your dentist can send a digital file to the lab instead of a mold.

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Dental Lasers

Laser technology has always been cool, and now it allows your dentist to provide a range of state-of- the-art treatments that include laser gum therapy to treat the early stages of gum disease and laser gum tissue removal for aesthetic improvements to the mouth and patient’s smile.

The dental laser is an incredibly accurate tool with the capacity to cut one layer of cells at a time while simultaneously controlling bleeding. This results in almost no pain or minimal discomfort during the recovery period and a faster recovery time.

Overall, it’s a good era to be a dental patient. No longer is extraction the only treatment for painful teeth, but, if it is needed, there are options to replace the tooth that will make it appear as if nothing had happened.

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