Tooth Decay, Cavity Prevention & Early Detection

March 7, 2015 |

Dental Treatments

Baer Dental in Aurora, CO is reputed practice providing a range of general and cosmetic dentistry solutions. Led by Dr. Christopher Baer, the practice is focused as much on preventive dentistry as on providing state of the art treatments. Dr. Baer says that his practice can be differentiated distinctly from many other practices because it employs innovative and effective dental strategies and technologies to prevent or minimize dental decay, and avoid the need for fillings.

No Silver Fillings at Baer Dental

Dr. Baer advises his patients to avoid silver fillings for multiple reasons. Silver fillings have remained mired in controversy over the last two decades, and many dental insurers tend to cover poorly for silver fillings. Baer Dental made it a policy decision in the best safety interests of its patients as well as staff to not expose the practice to silver filling altogether. These fillings expand with time and can actually cause the teeth to crack and fracture.

Preventative Dentistry

The reality is that there is no perfect dental filling material that can substitute a natural, healthy tooth. Therefore, Baer Dental in Aurora, CO is committed to adopting a preventative treatment approach for all patients that could minimize or eliminate the need for a filling. Patient education is a key part of preventative dentistry, and Dr. Baer makes sure that patients in all age groups are providing the best possible guidance and recommendations to prevent tooth decay.

Baer Dental recognizes the importance of oral hygiene and how it can go a long way in preventing the occurrence of cavities and gum disease. Therefore, the practice focuses on prevention, which begins from it dental hygiene department. Patients are encouraged to maintain periodic dental visits to monitor, evaluate, and keep their dental hygiene in best form in order to optimize their oral health. The practice has incorporated lasers into its dental hygiene program to provide the best benefits of technology to maintain healthy teeth.

Cutting Edge Technology to Detect Dental Decay

Baer Dental employs cutting edge technology that allows the detection of tooth decay in its early stages and enables treatment of cavities when they are smaller. In some cases, the detection may be early enough to avoid the need of drilling altogether. The challenge with dental decay is that it can spread quickly into the softer surface underneath the tooth enamel. The tooth may appear healthy from outside, and even conventional X-ray machines may not be able to identify the onset of decay below the surface.

If the dental decay is detected early, it can mean much reduced repair work and superior enamel integrity. However, conventional techniques are less effective in making early detection. Therefore, Baer Dental has employed state of the art laser and other advanced technologies to improve the accuracy in locating dental cavities or suspicious areas at an early stage.

With high performance cavity detection techniques, it is even possible to prevent the formation of cavities in some cases. In weak or suspicious areas, the dentist may prescribe fluoride or other non-invasive solutions to fight decay before it is in a position to cause real damage.