Tooth Extractions Cost

It’s no secret that the idea of wisdom tooth extraction becomes part of everyone’s lives by a certain age. Once wisdom teeth start growing in (usually in the 17-25 age range) they can create a few problems that could negatively affect your mouth’s health and overall aesthetics.

It is almost always recommended to have your wisdom teeth extracted, for some reasons – it could be for decay, gum disease prevention, or even a lack of space. Because the wisdom tooth extraction rate is so high, sometimes patients pay high prices as well. This can deter a lot of people away from removing their wisdom teeth. With some procedures costing up to $800 per one extracted tooth, it can be terrifying to spend that amount of money on tooth removal. But, like many things, there are price ranges that can better suit your wallet. According to Angie’s List, a wisdom tooth extraction on the lower end can cost a patient anywhere between $75 to $200 per tooth. The price range for each tooth extraction can vary depending on whether or not the tooth will require surgical removal or not. This can usually be determined by your dental professional and a few minutes of x-rays. The reason a surgical extraction will typically cost more
than a simple extraction is because a surgical extraction will require more work to safely remove the tooth from the jawbone. Simple extractions can usually be done on teeth with only one root that are completely intact and are often done with a local Anesthetic that numbs the surrounding areas.

Although many dentists will usually opt for a local anesthetic as the numbing for a simple tooth extraction, some patients can request a heavier sedation procedure if they feel anxious or stressed about the wisdom tooth removal. This additional, however, may cost the patient a little extra money to do so.

The cost may be much higher depending on location and dentist office as well. If you have dental insurance, it may be wise to choose a recommended dentist from the list of offices your insurance covers. This will help put your mind at ease when payment time comes along before the extraction.

Do I have to Pay Out of Pocket?

If a patient has any form of dental insurance, your dental professional will be able to go through your insurance to see if there’s any available coverage, even if it’s just partial. Tooth extraction is usually a covered procedure for most major insurances (if done for health reasons) and so dental insurance will likely cover it.

If you do not have dental insurance, you will then need to pay for the tooth extraction(s) out of pocket. If this is the case, your dentist will likely try and assist in lowering your costs by choosing cheaper routes or assisting in pay-back plans. At the end of the day, if a tooth extraction is recommended by your dentist, be sure to have the procedure done right away to eliminate the chances of anything negative ensuing afterward if the tooth isn’t extracted. Whether it’s an extraction for a broken tooth, a cavity-ridden tooth, a wisdom tooth and more, you may be putting yourself at risk of infection or gum disease if the situation isn’t taken care of right away.

Talk to your dentist to see what is the best option for you regarding cost. Don’t be afraid to ask any and all questions that could help put your mind at ease before agreeing to pay for your dental extraction. The health of your mouth is the most important.

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