Non Implant Missing Tooth Replacement Options

While implants are often an ideal situation for tooth or teeth replacement, they aren’t always a feasible option. Due to the integrity of the jawbone and other factors, an implant may not be able to be installed. While this may be the case, luckily there are other, non-implant missing tooth replacement options.

Here are some options for missing tooth replacements, when an implant isn’t possible.

Tooth-Supported Fixed Bridge

A very popular option for tooth or teeth replacement are tooth-supported fixed bridges. These affordable options allow for a high level of support, while also avoiding any installation of a rod into the jawbone.

With a tooth-supported fixed bridge, abutments (crowns) are placed on supporting healthy teeth, while a pontic fills the actual gap.

Maryland (Resin-Bond) Bridge

A Maryland (or resin-bond) bridge is similar to a tooth-supported fixed bridge in that there is a pontic filling a gap between teeth. Unlike a fixed bridge, though, a Maryland bridge has metal wings that are adhered to the backs of supporting teeth, as opposed to having crowns installed.

One of the positives of this kind of bridge is that it does not require the grinding down of healthy teeth to install it.

Removable Partial Dentures

Sometimes bridges are not possible. When this is the case, dentures become a suitable alternative.

There are two main forms of dentures: partial and complete. Which one a patient ends up with is dependent upon how many teeth need to be replaced. A removable partial denture is exactly what it sounds like—a dental appliance that is used to fill in the gap where missing teeth are, that can be easily removed for a variety of different reasons.

While this may be a cost-effective alternative to implants and bridges, it also is one of the least stable options. Partial dentures aren’t as durable as bridges, nor do they serve the same functionality.

There is also the chance of a partial denture changing the speech patterns of a patient, and even leading to bone deterioration under where the denture is placed.

Still, it allows for a replacement when dental bridges and implants are not available options.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are what many people think of when they think of dentures. These are dentures that are meant to replace an entire mouth’s worth of teeth.

These appliances are low-cost, and very easy to remove and clean. They give the patient the ability to continue to smile and can restore confidence after teeth are lost or removed.
While these are all excellent options if implants are not available, you may want to consider going with implants instead if they are an option. They are more durable, can last far longer and they improve your ability to chew, bite and more. They also help to prevent bone deterioration, teeth migration and a host of other issues.

Speak with your dentist to see which missing tooth replacement options are available to you.

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