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Receiving 5280's Top Award for 8 Years In a Row

Dr. Christopher Baer, DMD

Receiving 5280's Top Award for 8 Years In a Row

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Award Winning General & Cosmetic Dentistry

At Aurora’s top rated office we’ve made it our mission to provide patients with the highest quality dental care in a comfortable and professional setting. Dr. Baer has won the 5280 Top Dentist Award every year since opening his own office in 2010 – his practice utilizes state-of-the-art technology for all patient procedures – adults, teens, and kids. Our team is committed to high quality, long lasting dental treatments that you will not find anywhere else. Our team listens to your concerns and gives you an honest assessment of your current oral health. We co-develop a plan to help you achieve great oral health.

Whether you need restorative, preventative, or cosmetic dentistry, Aurora's Dr. Baer offers a level of expertise that our patients can rely on. He has furthered his education and clinical skills by graduating from the Kois Center – something that less than 3% of active dentists in the world have completed.


We Treat People, Not Teeth

Our  office has a different kind of patient treatment philosophy – “We treat patients, not teeth” Dr. Baer and his team will evaluate your current conditions and look for what we call “Predictive Value.” This allows us to assess your current condition, screen for oral cancer, gum disease and provide recommendations that can prevent problems in the future. Nobody wants to suffer with tooth pain, and we would love to prevent anyone from having a toothache! The type of information gained during a dental exam will help us with insight, allowing us to make the proper decisions based on science, not dictated by insurance or emotion. Wouldn’t it be nice to never have a cavity again? We can help with that! Wouldn’t if be great if your treatment was designed to last? We can help with that too!

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Comprehensive, Wellness Focused

Our Aurora, Colorado based dental office provides a variety of procedures focusing on wellness – how optimal health reduces your risks for other medical diseases. Dr. Christopher Baer focuses on patient first outcomes. Successful dental results are based on not only procedural outcomes but also on patient education. Dr. Baer offers a wide variety of restorative and cosmetic procedures designed not only to improve and promote complete oral wellness and bodily health, but ultimately help patients regain confidence in their smile.


Teeth can decay and weaken over time. This makes them susceptible to crack and discoloration. If you’ve noticed these problems happening it might be time to consider dental crowns.

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We provides either root dental implants, plate form implants, or sub-periosteal implants. Determination is made by patient needs and/or health goals.

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Dentures are removable appliances that replace some of all of your missing teeth.

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Professional Whitening is one of the most popular procedures performed today. We offer both at-home and in-office whitening solutions.

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Whether its professional teeth whitening, bonding, or porcelain veneers, we will help you restore your lost confidence and redefine your smile through our award winning cosmetic dentistry.

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If your hands bled when you washed them you would probably be concerned. The same goes with your gums. Over half of American over 30 have periodontal issues causing oral health concerns. Let Dr. Baer help you address your gum related issues today.

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Tooth colored fillings replace the old discolored silver ones and also help to manage cavities when they are small.

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Routine cleanings, X-rays, doctor exams, and Fluoride help to diagnose problems early.

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As one of Aurora’s preferred Invisalign providers, Dr. Baer can help straighten your teeth, improving bite function and overall oral health.

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We are committed to helping you save your teeth. We’re fully capable to provide comprehensive root canal therapy if it’s needed to achieve patient outcome success.

Finding the BEST Choice in Aurora for You and Your Family

How do you find the best professional for you and your family in Aurora? Does the doctor wear magnification to help him/ her see better? How do you know if your he/she is competent enough to provide the services that you are searching for? Do you look for the oldest or the youngest practitioner to provide your services? Does the skill level of the practitioner that provides your service(s) even matter? It does. We recommend that you do a little research in the Aurora marketplace to help you find a practice that best suits you and your family. Our Office offers early morning and late evening appointments. Our hygienists are highly skilled not only at treating gum disease and educating you on how to maintain your teeth, but making your visit as relaxed as possible.

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We Have Won the 5280 Top Dentists Award Every Year Since 2011

2012 Top Dentist 5280 Magazine
2013 Top Dentist 5280 Magazine
2014 Top Dentist 5280 Magazine
2015 Top Dentist 5280 Magazine
2016 Top Dentist 5280 Magazine
2017 Top Dentist 5280 Magazine

We are conveniently located near Southlands but also services Lakewood, Thornton, Arvada, Centennial, Stapleton, Green Valley Ranch, Castle Rock, Virginia Village, Parker, Littleton, and all neighboring communities.

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