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Teeth in a Day in Lone Tree, CO

Teeth in a day is a revolutionary new breakthrough in dental cosmetic procedures. This technique allows patients to walk out from just one dental visit with a completely renewed smile. This is ideal for a candidate who already wears dentures whether partially or fully and who may be tired of the denture removal process. The Teeth in a Day technique gives denture patients the ability to completely eliminate the need for removing the dentures as they will be permanently placed in the mouth using dental implants.

This technique offers a quick solution for an overall issue that may keep you from expressing true happiness with a beautiful smile. If you shy away from showing off your smile simply because you don’t like the way your teeth look or you’re worried your dentures will fall out, then this procedure could be the answer for you. This new technique allows for dentists to use new and improved ways to utilize less dental implants to provide more strength for the base of the dentures. It is a new cutting edge procedure that will give a patient a strong foundation to hold a whole denture arch with added strength with just four dental implants!

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Why Should I Opt For Teeth-In-A-Day?

This technique boasts a lot of advantages for patients. What patients enjoy the most with Teeth in a Day are the rapid results. Because this procedure is performed in just one day, it allows patients to walk out with a completely revamped smile with consistent looking results. All replacement teeth are shaped, colored, and sized to match each patient smile. The acrylic base that the teeth are bonded to mimic the look of natural, healthy gums. Patients are ecstatic with the results as they boast an incredibly healthy smile directly after the appointment. They can show off their new and improved smile just hours after surgery!

Who Is a Good Candidate for Teeth in A Day?

Patients who have generally healthy gums and a decent amount of strength in the jaw bone structure are good candidates for this procedure. As mentioned above, it is ideal for patients who have many missing teeth (ideally 6 or more) and who have cracked, damaged, decayed, or chipped natural teeth as well. This is great for patients who don’t want to go the traditional denture route or want to switch from traditional dentures.

This procedure is not recommended for patients who simply need one tooth replacement or minor dental cosmetic treatments. This is firmly for those patients with extreme dental cosmetic issues who can benefit from this quick and dramatic procedure. It is recommended for patients who are looking for a long-term alternative to wearing dentures.

Benefits of Teeth in a Day

Patients who have had this treatment talk about the multiple advantages of getting the Teeth in a Day technique done.

  1. Results are immediate after one appointment
  2. The treatment appointment is quick and easy
  3. Eliminates the need for bone graft surgery
  4. Results are dramatically different an offer a new healthy looking smile
  5. The aesthetics offer the look of naturally healthy teeth and gums
  6. The optimal solution for switching from traditional dentures
  7. Talking and chewing become less painful
  8. You can eat whatever you want without fear of hurtful gums or sliding dentures
  9. More affordable than if done in separate procedures
  10. Gives the complete confidence boost you need

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More Information About Teeth in a Day

Many patients pose the question of, why should I get Teeth in a Day treatment? Many patients wonder if they should opt for the traditional dental implant procedure instead. With a traditional implant procedure, the dental implant is typically used to replace a single tooth or perhaps multiple teeth at a time using dental bridges. The Teeth in a Day procedure is meant for patients who are in need of a full upper arch or lower arch overhaul. It is meant to replace all teeth on one arch at a time. It is meant so if a patient has one or two teeth left on an arch, they must be both extracted to have a clean canvas on that arch. The procedure can only be performed if the full upper or lower arch needs replacement.

Teeth in a Day often eliminates the need for multiple procedures, as traditional dental implants would require. During a traditional implant procedure, the tooth would need to be extracted, and the titanium post would be inserted in the missing pocket. The titanium post will then require months of healing while the post fuses together with the jaw bone. With this new innovative procedure, the requirement for the bone fusing with the titanium posts is skipped as the teeth are added immediately. This is thanks to the way the implants are inserted into the jaw bone (at an angle).

If you are considering the Teeth in a Day procedure, you should first contact your dentist for a consultation. This consultation is needed to create the advanced planning journey of your Teeth in a Day treatment. Your dentist will go over what to expect and how the procedure will unfold. This planning stage is extremely important as all details of your new smile will be discussed. A full examination of your smile will take place in order to decipher exactly what needs to be done, along with discussing your personal wishes as well.

Once you are deemed an ideal candidate for the procedure and a comprehensive surgery plan is in place, you will be ready for the procedure! Become one of the thousands of patients who have completely renewed their smile and boosted their confidence with this treatment. Your dentist’s goal is to ensure your dental health, function, aesthetics, and confidence! Be sure to pick the right dentist for your treatment to ensure your Teeth in a Day experience is more than exceptional. Don’t wait on this treatment as it could potentially change your life by giving you the stunning new smile you deserve!

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