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When a patient is looking to undergo more than one dental cosmetic procedure, a new smile design can help articulate what needs to be done in order to achieve the smile they want. A smile design is meant to customize procedures and treatment plans for your specific needs according to the makeover you want for your smile. From reshaping, resizing, recoloring, repairing issues and more, a smile makeover can give you the stunning results you want for the confidence boost you need.

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Who Can Undergo a Smile Design?

  1. Healthy Gums: Before undergoing any major aesthetic changes in the mouth, it’s important that your gums are healthy and not riddled with disease. Your dentist will not work on an unhealthy mouth and will recommend having this treated before moving forward with any other treatment. If anesthetic treatment happens with disease-riddled gums, the treatment won’t last, or the teeth will fall out if the disease isn’t reversed right away.
  2. Healthy Hygiene Habits: Someone who visits their dentist twice a year cares about their teeth and will likely be a candidate for a smile design. A person who also practices good oral hygiene by brushing at least twice daily and flossing at least once can also be a good candidate for these procedures. An individual who cares for their teeth and who takes initiative in ensuring their teeth stay healthy would be great for a cosmetic procedure.
  3. Confidence Boost: If you’re worried about what someone may think when they look at you, perhaps you need your smile to be adjusted in order to feel more confident in yourself. A beautifully done smile can make all the difference when it comes to confidence. Anyone who is looking for the ultimate confidence boost is a candidate for a smile design.
  4. Look Younger: With age comes a lot of things that can start to break down in our bodies, our teeth are no different. Even if you take care of your teeth, with age comes natural yellowness, chips, cracks, and breaks. As we age, our bodies become more fragile, and our teeth are no different. Normal wear and tear can happen over time, but with a smile design, you can revamp your teeth to help make them look younger as it can take years off of your appearance.
  5. Appear More Attractive: According to a recent study performed by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, nearly 96% of adults say an attractive smile makes a person look more appealing. This is the same with the opposite sex, during a job interview, meeting someone new and so on. Why delay what can help you find a person who you can share a meaningful relationship with? Or something that could help land you a great job? Create and design a new smile you crave to give you the confidence boost you need to move forward in your life if you feel dull.

What Sort of Timeline Am I Looking At?

Depending on which procedures and how many procedures you will undergo during this smile makeover, your timeline can vary. Some smile transformations can take only a few appointments and a few weeks in recovery, or a few months with lots of visits to the dentist. Each individual situation is different according to their needs. If the teeth and gums are generally healthy, then a transformation can be much quicker. The healing time is shorter and no preparation needs to be done before the procedures commence. If a patient has healthy gums and teeth with no cavities or decay, then the overall process becomes shorter and easier to heal.

If a patient has periodontal disease (gum disease) the dentist must first correct this issue and allow time for proper gum tissue healing. This is typically done with an extensive cleaning and scraping off all the tartar and plaque build up. When gum disease is present, teeth will start to detach themselves from the gum line, and the tooth root can be exposed. There are irreversible kinds of gum disease cases; in these extreme cases, teeth may need to be extracted and replaced in order to move forward. No aesthetic changes can be made if there is any sort of infection or disease present in the mouth. If this is the case, the overall timeline of the procedures will take months.

In addition to the healing timeline, there are also scheduling an appointment that could take time as well. Plus, a dental lab could take longer than expected when creating dental veneers or dental implants. Be sure to talk to your dentist about your timeline questions. He or she can answer extensively about how long each process can take. Some procedures may only be one day in office and a few days of healing, while others can be much more extensive.

What If I'm A Smoker?

Smokers can undergo a smile design as well. There is no issue with smokers undergoing these procedures as well. However, smokers can have higher risks and delays with healing and infections. A smoker is at ultimate high risk of periodontal disease as the toxins from the cigarettes can negatively affect the gums. Smokers also are known for having yellower teeth (from the toxins, again), and sometimes this discoloration cannot be reversed or removed with professional whitening procedures.

Many smokers end up getting dental veneers to cover up the discoloration of their teeth. Smokers also end up needing to extract more teeth as the teeth become infected inside the tooth’s pulp and sometimes becomes far beyond saving.

When a major oral surgical procedure is done, it is highly  recommended for a smoker to stop smoking during the healing process. If a smoker smokes during the healing time after a tooth extraction, for example, they risk affecting the healing time by not allowing the stitches to do their job and could pull them out accidentally. A smoker can also suck out any blood clots that may be forming around the surgical site. These blood clots are needed to ensure healing, but if they are removed accidentally, it will slow down the healing time.

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