What does a Smile Makeover consist of?

Getting a smile makeover can consist of several parts, and each part is customized to your individual needs.

The appearance and functionality of your smile can consist of several parts in order of structure versus appearance. These can be broken down into:

• Dental veneers
• Composite bonding
• Implanted teeth
• Whitening of the teeth

Why Get a Smile Makeover?

When you are considering what kind of smile makeover to get, you need to take your facial appearance and overall aesthetics into account. The display, color, length, and shape of your teeth as they are is an important factor, as are your gums and lips. There are plenty of reasons to get your smile makeover. A full transformation of your smile can instantly give you a confidence boost. Plus, you should feel good knowing your makeover is tailored to your individual needs.

You can consider what you like or do not like about your teeth individually or your smile overall. Your dentist can review the different aesthetic aspects of your smile, and help you determine what can be improved.

Colors of Your Teeth

If you have old fillings, they are likely made out of a silvery or amalgam material. A natural-looking kind of composite that has the same color as your teeth can significantly improve the coloration of dulled down or stained teeth. The shading and color of your teeth are considerations you need to make when you are evaluating and prepping for your procedures. These can include a bonding composite, dental implants, bridges, crowns or veneers made out of porcelain.

A smile with good shaped and white teeth that look natural can make you look more youthful. As well, you must remember that discoloration or darkness to your teeth makes you look older than your years. Your face and hair color also impacts how bright your smile should be, while still keeping it looking natural.

Space and Alignment

Sometimes gaps form between your teeth. If your teeth become crooked, this can also be corrected. One way you can adjust for this is to mask the underlying oddities with veneers that appear straight. Another way to get around this problem is to realign your teeth using an orthodontic approach (braces) or to use Invisalign to move your teeth into a better place.

Missing Teeth

If one or more of your teeth are missing, it can draw the wrong kind of attention to your smile. Plus, this can affect your bite negatively and cause other neighboring teeth to shift out of place. There are three main (recommended) ways to replace missing teeth: partial dentures, a bridge or a dental implant.

Your facial structure can suffer when your mouth is not in the proper shape. Having bad teeth or a jaw problem can seem to prematurely age your entire face, or give it a less appealing form. Orthodontia or maxillofacial surgery are both tools that a smile makeover specialist dentist can go over with you as options.

Your smile is a major part of your life. It can be a major factor in your overall confidence. Don’t wait another day and talk to your dentist about how a smile makeover can benefit you.

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