How often should you visit your Dentist?

In the last 50 years dental and health organizations created and set some standards for preventive dentistry. In the past dentists found themselves spending far more time fixing problems instead of preventing them. How often should you visit the dentist Lone Tree co does vary based on your own oral hygiene, your health and diet habits and your medical condition.

Rule of Thumb

The organizations, and yourself, would be happy if you established the practice of visiting your dentist twice a year. Many insurance companies will support that as well promoting preventive care versus more expensive emergent care. That seems attainable you might say, but why aren’t there tighter standards. Well, let’s take your car for example.

Do you put 10,000 miles a year on the vehicle or do you drive it two or three times that much. Two service appointments work for the lessor miles where you could need six visits for 30,000 miles. Depends on how you use that vehicle. Your oral hygiene is very much the same.

What is the condition of your oral hygiene?

Easy question; do you smoke or use chewing tobacco? These two accelerate the possibilities of oral cancer and the staining of your teeth. Do you have diabetes? This disease can put you at risk of gum disorders. Do you drink coffee, red wine, tea or multiple colas a day? These favorites can accelerate the staining of your teeth as well.

Are you on medications that can affect your oral health? The risks for any dental disease changes when you are pregnant. But I’m a guy you respond. Your risks will also increase if you are under stress. That affects many of us. How about your craving of sugar? Sugar produces acids that feeds the bacteria in your mouth leading to tooth decay and cavities.

Soft Drinks, sports and energy drinks and even fruit juices are high in sugar that accelerate tooth erosion.

Regular visits create prevention

Not only will regular visits give your dentist an opportunity to evaluate your oral health but it will give the office an opportunity to build a profile of you, your habits and how you take care of your teeth.

Sure, the cleaning is very important as is the evaluation of your gums and roots through regular x-rays. But the evaluation leads to suggestions educating you the patient on how your oral health is reacting and participating in your lifestyles.

Don’t overlook your smile

How often should you visit the dentist cannot always be answered by just looking in the mirror. The trained professional can see change that you cannot.

Don’t wait until you are in pain and have an emergency situation to correct a problem that has developed. Your smile is an invaluable asset that plays a big role in your daily life. It affects your self-confidence, your self-esteem and leads to positive interaction with your circles of friends, family and professionally. Start a good habit now with two visits a year and be preventive.

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