Choosing the Right Dentist for You

The creature comforts that we all enjoy! Think about the time and energy we put into finding the right barber or stylist. How about your nail salon? We all enjoy dining out, in being waiting on. Makes us feel good about our lifestyle, our accomplishments. So, let’s talk about choosing the right dentist for you.

As important as your oral hygiene is to your overall health, and the role your smile plays into your self-confidence and your daily interaction with those around you, shouldn’t your dentist Lone Tree colorado play a huge role in maintaining your health?


You don’t really want to take an imported car to a domestic repair shop. There are many differences in the operating systems of the vehicle that the service shop most likely won’t be qualified to address properly. So plan on spending a little more time in qualifying your dentist and don’t wait until it’s an emergency type situation.

First, let’s make sure the dentist and individuals performing different tasks in that office all have proper training for any procedures moving forward. Ask them about their policies regarding infection control. If they stumble with an answer you might want to move on.

Your insurance carrier plays a large role as well. You can go to them first and have them recommend an office. You can see if there is a local dental society that will list members and their specialties. Does the office have a website that lists their licenses? Even your state will have a chapter of the ADA, American Dental Association, and they will be willing to help.

Location, location, location

You can reach out to family and friends when you consider the trust factor in confirming a potential dentist. You will want an office somewhat close in proximity so it doesn’t turn into a detriment when making an appointment. Your circle of friends might address simply things like waiting room time, appointment availability, or how the dentist explains different treatment options.

You can ask the office about their hours and how they handle emergency calls. How does the office handle invoicing and the involvement of your insurance provider. As long as we are talking about bills, ask the office what their billing structure might be for various treatments such as simple cleaning and x-rays to  implants, veneers or teeth whitening.

In fact, if the procedure requires a specialist, or a cosmetic dentist, check with your insurance company again. Sometimes these solutions may not be covered.

Your comfort

When it is all said and done, choosing the right dentist for you can be like finding a comfortable mattress or recliner, what or whom you are most comfortable with.

If that dentist and his/her staff gains your trust that is an intangible difficult to put a value on. But in the end, make sure that office acknowledges that your oral health, hygiene and your smile are valuable to you. The smile is yours alone. It cannot be generalized. It make you…YOU!

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