What should you expect at a Regular Dental Visit?

Before we address what you should expect at your regular dentist in Lone Tree colorado visit, let’s first revisit why you should schedule a regular and reoccurring visit. No different than having your car serviced regularly, that service prolongs the life of that vehicle and lets you enjoy driving it knowing you are taking good care of it. Your dental visit starts with your smile.

This asset has move value than that car. The quality of your smile affects your self-esteem and your self-confidence. Virtues that are interlaced into everything you do, day in and day out. So, by scheduling regular dental visits you are preserving that smile and doing your best to partake in good oral hygiene.

Preventative Measures

The very first thing the dentist will do is do a quick exam to look for any signs of oral cancer. Then that dentist treats you and your oral health as the individual you are. They will examine your teeth, schedule regular x-rays of different parts of your mouth, areas that are hidden to the naked eye.

The dentist will give your teeth a professional cleaning removing plaque that builds up on your enamel and then polish your teeth upon completion. They will examine for tooth decay, root decay or any kind of gum or bone disease.

They will be able to tell if you have any bite or jaw problems by identifying wear patterns on your teeth. They may suggest the removal of stains and deposits.

Evaluation and Suggestions

Don’t get this wrong, the regular dental visit is very important. But, that dentist will evaluate your overall health and make some suggestions. Follow those suggestions. These will be things that you can do between visits to maintain good oral hygiene. Maybe you have diabetes and are at a higher risk of gum disease so there will be measures to prevent that.

You will discuss your medications and look at the impact and side effects it has on your oral health. Of course, there is the diet. How much sugar do you ingest and how long does it sit on your teeth.

This would accelerate cavities. Do you enjoy coffee, red wine, tea or colas? These favorites will speed up the staining of your teeth leading you to pursue whitening. Tobacco use will certainly have negative results with your oral hygiene. A regular evaluation might find a cracked tooth, or irregular teeth. With the aging process gums will recede creating health issues as the roots become exposed.

Don’t wait

Do not wait until you find yourself in an emergency situation experiencing pain or discomfort. Many insurance companies will cover two evaluations and cleanings a year, which would be a great habit to begin.

What you can expect at a regular dental visit is a feeling of contentment that you are doing something good for yourself in preserving your beautiful smile. That smile, and you, are both one of a kind. Treat your oral hygiene with respect, and it will in turn return the favor.

Baer Dental in Lone Tree Colorado is one of the leading dental practices in the immediate area. Consider making a decision to make your oral health better by choosing the right dentist for you and your family!

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